Can a rioter please look into my account..

I was permabanned unfairly and haven't been punished in 2 years these are the logs I was presented with for the perma and I don't think it's permaban worthy espcially when these are the 2 extreme cases. I always try to win and make everybody feel as good as I can so I really don't feel like I'm a horrible evil person.. logs copy and pasted from e-mail also the first game is my worst my toxic game i've had in years Game 3028986727: Pre Game Lobby: sirfuhkstain: a crime scene is going on outside my house sirfuhkstain: so annoying sirfuhkstain: so a car is flipped over sirfuhkstain: another car is fucked up sirfuhkstain: another one is crashed sirfuhkstain: some guy got shot sirfuhkstain: and the street is blocked off sirfuhkstain: the police shot aguy sirfuhkstain: and arrested his girl sirfuhkstain: i dont fucking no sirfuhkstain: i woke up to the gun shot sirfuhkstain: and see a car smoking outside my window with like 8 police sirfuhkstain: nah lol sirfuhkstain: i still dont know how the car flipped over sirfuhkstain: thats the reaal qustion sirfuhkstain: maybe it was there the whole time sirfuhkstain: i have pics sirfuhkstain: lol In Game: sirfuhkstain: my roomate said the police said when i leave for work just move the cones and tape xD sirfuhkstain: wtf sirfuhkstain: naaah sirfuhkstain: lets not sirfuhkstain: i savd ur buff tho [All]sirfuhkstain: LOL sirfuhkstain: i save your buff and you never help me ;( sirfuhkstain: i got put behind becuse of that dude sirfuhkstain: lol sirfuhkstain: might be gg sirfuhkstain: we have no jg sirfuhkstain: we sirfuhkstain: have sirfuhkstain: no sirfuhkstain: jg sirfuhkstain: thanks voli sirfuhkstain: im faraming his jg sirfuhkstain: dude stfu sirfuhkstain: you take 2 seconds to look sirfuhkstain: duuhh sirfuhkstain: dont push sirfuhkstain: its ove sirfuhkstain: im not going too sirfuhkstain: voli fucked me sirfuhkstain: last i checked i lost a whole wave becaue i saved his buf sirfuhkstain: n sirfuhkstain: no sirfuhkstain: sure sirfuhkstain: really sirfuhkstain: ks sirfuhkstain: def not playing now [All]sirfuhkstain: you got 3 ganks and killed my intng jg xD [All]sirfuhkstain: also got put behind by the invade you guys did [All]sirfuhkstain: so iguyess sirfuhkstain: back at you sirfuhkstain: xD [All]sirfuhkstain: you guys talked shit all game [All]sirfuhkstain: i dont think thats all u sa [All]sirfuhkstain: saiod [All]sirfuhkstain: in fact thats not all you said [All]sirfuhkstain: nothing, im super in the wrong for trying to help voli and jokingly asking for a gank [All]sirfuhkstain: you're right [All]sirfuhkstain: you didnt keep pressing me and talking shit for noi reason [All]sirfuhkstain: after the fact [All]sirfuhkstain: lol" [All]sirfuhkstain: idgaf sirfuhkstain: how are you taking no blame xD sirfuhkstain: intentionally trolling to mess with me\ sirfuhkstain: the just saying toxic stuff to tilt me sirfuhkstain: its not okay either way sirfuhkstain: you cant do it to me while im losing lane sirfuhkstain: then cry when i do it back sirfuhkstain: wtf are you talking about sirfuhkstain: your times not valueable sirfuhkstain: you wasted it already sirfuhkstain: this entire gamae sirfuhkstain: most people realyl like me actually lol sirfuhkstain: you guys know this game doesnt have like a high council or anything xD sirfuhkstain: you can be mad at me but you're pretty much just as guilty sirfuhkstain: ive said and done just as much to you as you've done to me and idc if you see it that way sirfuhkstain: everyone losse this game sirfuhkstain: it wont sirfuhkstain: cause i didnt do anything sirfuhkstain: keep hoping for hateful stuff sirfuhkstain: aand typing cruel things tho sirfuhkstain: good sirfuhkstain: ill put in a ticket sirfuhkstain: to make sure Game 3027215498: sirfuhkstain: i hate people that aarent crocodiles sirfuhkstain: i hate new akali sirfuhkstain: miss real akali sirfuhkstain: why is bot lane troling xD sirfuhkstain: at least i know sirfuhkstain: udyr and kat careful of our bot lane sirfuhkstain: they throwing a tantrum for some reason sirfuhkstain: youre not playing the game properly sirfuhkstain: why would you stand there using no skills walking back and forth sirfuhkstain: barus is obviously trolling he tried to kill udyr twice sirfuhkstain: so thats obvious sirfuhkstain: i ddint dive sirfuhkstain: i wasnt under tower sirfuhkstain: youre a liar sirfuhkstain: didnt die to 4 sirfuhkstain: youre a liar sirfuhkstain: why would i needto ? sirfuhkstain: youre silver for a reason sirfuhkstain: you guys are trolling so hard xD sirfuhkstain: varus and naut sirfuhkstain: im putting in a ticket sirfuhkstain: this is rankd dude sirfuhkstain: we shouldnt have to fight you and them sirfuhkstain: its a 3v7 sirfuhkstain: k sirfuhkstain: this one is done sirfuhkstain: keep typing and doing nothing i muted you forever ago sirfuhkstain: youre prob going to get banned i doubt were the only people you've done this too sirfuhkstain: gj kat sirfuhkstain: nice udyr sirfuhkstain: you win arguement sirfuhkstain: kat we harad carried sirfuhkstain: gj dude
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