banned for not communicating?

{{champion:141}} Hello, so i just got back from 14 day-suspension, deciding i will continue to play now again, even if my experience before ban was not the best (i was getting tilted and arguing with team a lot) is what got me banned mostly, so i decided to try and enjoy more in game itself so i am going to continue playing with muting everyone including my team and enemy team, since im jungle kayn main, sometimes happens to get flame that really tilts me and it only makes me argue more, and also recently bought odyssey kayn, which means i DO NOT want to lose account i spent money on, so the question is, is there possibility for me to get banned for not typing in chat at all? but communicating with throught using pings? this all is because i do not want to risk losing my account, or even more important losing temper while playing, because all i want is to only focus on game more, and not focus on people telling me im reported or telling me to die for example. so im here to listen now, Thank you.
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