Riot needs a new report system from scratch

terrible ban reason.
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So I'm not sure what it is with this game, but it seems like the community is a joke. However reports are handled, they are done terribly. I have gotten chat restricts for saying practically nothing, or joking around with friends. Now, I have pretty much stopped typing in game altogether aside to defend myself when trolls bash me. I have had so many good ranked games with next to no issues, but whenever I play an urf or normals match just to have some casual fun, everyone rages and flames. The moment I retort in any way, even saying absolutely nothing bad, I'm penalized to a drastic extent. I am not making this post asking for an appeal or anything, but it has gotten ridiculous to the point where I feel it needs to be brought to everyone's attention and acknowledged. I know for a fact that there are many more players like me who wonder why they've been chat restricted or banned while a troll team had gone off the walls verbally to them, and instead of punishing the right players, we're penalized. I had gotten an account suspension and wondered why. I had checked the chat logs and they're from two games. The first one was me telling the enemy team to report a Lee and Yas who openly admitted they were inting my lane on purpose and doing nothing to help multiple times, after taking my lane when I called it and trolling me. Nothing bad was said in the first game, barely anything at all, just me pointing out what was happening. Then the second game was completely ridiculous. It's the shortest chat log where I have said NOTHING worth a report, let alone a ban. This is ridiculous, but this is the reality of things. And Riot doesn't care enough to do anything about it unless its a big streamer who has a major following and could bring it to everyone's attention. They don't care about lesser known players who just want to enjoy the game, they only care when they wrong someone who has a big following that can hurt their reputation. This is ridiculous. Game 2 Chat log in text : Game 2 In-Game Cry Medusa: ? Cry Medusa: im proxying Cry Medusa: i didnt Cry Medusa: im proxying lanes Cry Medusa: youre pretty fricking toxic Cry Medusa: its not inting Cry Medusa: yes you are Cry Medusa: harassing me for what, in an urf game Cry Medusa: ok Cry Medusa: dumb toxic trolls are what ruin this community Cry Medusa: gg Not even the f word. This is like a kindergarten level chat, and I'm punished for it. Why is this happening?
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