Now every "good" troll will int instead of be toxic in chat.

I love when I have games when someone's like "ok, jungle no gank, we lose" then proceeds to afk split push and continously feed, while being like "better jungle wins gg!" Then they continue trolling and when my Lee was like "Malph dude wtf are you stupid don't ult in 1v5" he'd just respond with "reported for toxic". You know these dipshits are out here intentionally ruining games, hoping someone flames them so they can get them chat restricted for their sick kicks. " ********: report me sucks ********: i control this game ********: i make losing ********: so what" I think we should punish people being toxic in chat - but it's so fucking disproportionate to being punished for griefing in-game that now any sensible troll will just start running it down when things don't go their way instead of being toxic in chat. It's actually pretty much accepted now by streamers that you can pretty much soft int and it doesn't matter as long as you don't type in chat. Me personally? I don't say shit in chat. Fuck that. No point. However I'm pretty sure people like this malph have gotten a lot of people chat restricted. Probably leading to those people getting chat restricted to also think "hey, maybe I should also just start throwing/soft inting instead of typing in chat". That's what I mean by "I'd rather have someone flame than run it down" - because I think chat restrictions are usually pretty sensible.
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