Discussing permanently banned accounts and the stigma surrounding their appeals

# Hey everyone! {{sticker:poppy-wink}} Real quick, before I start: _________________ ##Please, keep it civil. I understand that permanent bans are a very controversial topic with the majority believing that three chances is _more than enough_ for someone to reform and correct their actions. I share this sentiment although I often think about appeals and the stigma surrounding them, so I'd like to discuss it. I know people will most likely downvote just _because_ of that stigma but I'd really appreciate hearing your opinions and engaging in some conversations. **Even if it's as simple as "No, people get enough chances as is." I'd love to hear what you have to say. ** ___________________ With that out of the way: I've always entertained the idea of appealing permanently banned accounts because it's been a staple in almost every game I've played. Also, I'd like to believe that people can always change their behavior for the better. I'm aware that this a very opinionated outlook and some will have a more cynical view, which is totally fine. #If there _was_ an ability to appeal permanently banned accounts, how do you think it should be handled? ___________________ If I had the ability to implement an appeal system for permanently banned accounts, here's how I'd handle it: _***~~Accounts that have been suspended for hate speech (racism, homophobia, inciting self harm, etc.) are not eligible for this program. This also applies to accounts banned for Scripting (or malicious use of 3rd party programs) and MMR boosting.~~***_ _***~~"Permanent Ban"~~***_ tag changed to **_*~~"Indefinite Suspension"~~*_** Permanent bans will still exist, but more on that below. ##After receiving your Indefinite Suspension, you will have to make a new account and meet a few requirements before it is lifted. * You must connect your new account to the old one by verifying the e-mail address and connecting a new e-mail address or phone number to it. _(This would prevent people from "boosting" indefinite suspensions by forcing them to be hard-locked to the old account. Also, given the extremely long amount of time it would take to lift a permanent suspension, it would be near-impossible to realistically boost this.)_ ## After connecting both accounts: * Any punishments on the new account will result in the _permanent_ banning of the indefinitely suspended account. The first punishment on a new account will also be escalated to a 25-game chat restriction immediately. * Your newly made account must maintain an Honor level of 3, 4, or 5 for 500+ games. * After fulfilling these requirements, you may file for an appeal with a Riot support agent. Here, you may make your case as to why your account should have it's suspension lifted while providing evidence and a personal explanation of your actions. * Following the lifting of an indefinite suspension, _any_ punishments made to your account within the next 3 months will result in a permanent suspension. Afterwards, your account may start it's recovery. ____________________ # My reasoning: Rather than giving people an extra chance for no reason, this is basically a "1 for 1" trade. You have a 'Hail Mary' chance of recovering your previously suspended account at the **risk of permanently losing it and willfully forfeiting one stage of your punishment ladder**. So, instead of getting 5 chances for one account and 4 for the new one, you only have 8 in total. Not that that's anything to laugh at, **but** it isn't any more lenient on repeat offenders than our current system. If anything, it's more strict because if you fail to appeal your account, you've permanently lost a chance on your new one. While the Honor system can act as a veil for toxicity (someone who is Honor 5 can still be passive aggressive) having the added step of actually _appealing_ your punishment with a representative would remove this issue entirely. Simply put, if a Rioter deems your logs passive aggressive or not entirely positive, they can deny the appeal. Honor doesn't act as a 'shield' in our current system and shouldn't if any changes were made to it. Since these appeals take a long time to build up (500+ games and maintaining an Honor level) Riot support wouldn't be overwhelmed with requests or appeals. It's a very reasonable situation for the very few who are willing to go to these lengths to show they've reformed. ________ #Let me know what you think and thanks for reading my long ass post. :^)

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