Banned for asking about the abundance of Turkish players?

I asked this: Not gonna lie, it is called EU (WEST), as in Western European countries, furthermore there is a Turkish server for Turkish players. I haven't played on my main in a while since I'm playing with my girlfriend who's at a much lower level but legit every game half of the players are Turks. Now, generally I don't mind Turks, in games like CSGO, Turkish players are pretty co-operative and most can communicate decently. But on LoL this is hardly ever the case, I've met and friended a few Turkish players who are actually real cool but the majority aren't. The majority flame, don't even try to communicate, spam chat. It seems there are a TON more at low level which makes me think they're joining on the EUW server and aren't just players from when there wasn't a Turkey server. So is there a reason to why there's an abundance of Turkish players on EUW? I spoke to one of my Turkish friends who said it's because everybody is really bad there. But I don't know if I believe that. And got banned as soon as it was posted. OK.
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