entitled supports

anyone else have a problem with getting supports or maybe even just any laner that are super entitled and only look at scores and judge you on that? like i just had a nami in my game and i had taken a blue that she was very very very slowly killing cuz it was still fairly early to mid game and i playing as zoe thought i could use it (and also because during early laning she was spamming ? ping in my lane when they had roamed down even though they were posing no threat to the bot lane), not to mention i never really heard of supports needing buffs more than actual damage champs and roles. She starts going crazy with pings and talking about how i was "int-ing" with 2 deaths and how she has 3 kills when i didnt have any (as if she didnt take them like most namis do), but she had probably 2 times the deaths than me, so 4, and to an enemy vayne no less. She was so mine mine mine about blue and constantly pingging any summoner spell i had on cooldown. just i really hate these people that think everything needs to go to them cuz they have a "better" score, as if any stolen kills negate the deaths given to an enemy carry that ultimately fucked us over in the end game
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