You win, 14 day suspention is enough to tell me i don't belong here.

I know, I'm wrong, you win, I will be moving onto another game, ty for many fun years. I really did used to love your game. You are right, it does not matter what the other person says. It is all on me and I am sorry for losing my shit. I am not sorry for leaving this game though. It is easily the most hateful experience in my life, ever. The amount of fun, and not hateful games out there make me wonder why I spent my time here, then I remember FTP ( free to play) and I remember how much you manipulate the masses into thinking anything is free... There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch..... TANSTAAFL.... words to live by, you pay for everything, and all of us have pain in tears for this game. you win, ty for that. Game 1 Pre-Game cllesh: hey all ive had a hard day pls don go insulting me, lets all play nicer ya! cllesh: ... i asked rly nice cllesh: ok, i can play the other way as well cllesh: u want to play that way, so can i cllesh: ur type of troll is destroying lol cllesh: nopoe cllesh: play it out now cllesh: as long as i can cllesh: i want to capture all the hate this person says In-Game cllesh: karthus and his duo lee... muting all now, ur insults will be recognized cllesh: u know why people hate duo/ solo que.. its cause games like this... games where the jg and top are duo and they only help[ each othe cllesh: they insult anyone they hate in pregame chat and beyond, and it cascades from there cllesh: i am a girl, im not on my period ty cllesh: ur insults ar enoted, u are sad cllesh: how am i suppose to ignore 2 people insulting m from pregame chat and on, nonstop cllesh: u have some sectet wepon that [revent these guys from trolling me/ cllesh: cait, u do u, but i would say ot to talk to those guys, they are looking to make u lose, cllesh: im juts saying u do u though cllesh: what is sad is u guys are everwherer... ts a thing now.... cllesh: nothing man, u win cllesh: u own the game, ur trolling has woin imo cllesh: u win cllesh: thius many people all trollign the game has show with out a doubt u guys are in control cllesh: this game is done, its a mater of time before u trolls destroy it completly cllesh: this duo has 16/19 deaths on our team maz, u rly think that coincedence with what they have said cllesh: 2 people 16 /20 dahs now cllesh: keep terlling me its just a thing cllesh: 2 people cllesh: all our deaths cllesh: andit just happens all the deaths are alos a duo cllesh: might fine coincedence cllesh: u see em dont u cllesh: this is what the game has become cllesh: people dont even defend it cllesh: its just trolls justifying how they troll and laughing at us all cllesh: ok, iu say they are right i will then shut up cllesh: its ur game, u get what u want cllesh: 20/24 deaths are a duo that is insulting the support nonstoip, but my team tells me to shut the fuck up and play cllesh: ya... that wioll help Post-Game cllesh: 24/26 deaths from a duo who said they would troll... but keep tellign me im the prob Game 2 Pre-Game cllesh: i just had a duo who trolled he shit out of me.. feels bad man cllesh: 24/26 deaths becaue of them.... cllesh: feels bad man In-Game cllesh: why does jhin never say 4 cllesh: ok it seems we have no supposrt adc connect, can i leave? cllesh: u ignore everything i say and i have to stay with u or i get repoerted cllesh: okp im just mute and wait for the end i guess, have fun cllesh: im sry naut, she wont help though cllesh: im go move cllesh: can i roam or will i be reported? cllesh: ok then, im stay bot and just wait cllesh: sure man cllesh: u had no way to avoid it cllesh: srs?> cllesh: im not going back to the trol vayne cllesh: ur telling me u dont want a support, thats fine man cllesh: games over i guess cllesh: jg tells me to get off hiimn bo wants to troll.. fucking ranked man cllesh: no worries i wont help the troll any more cllesh: becausse 3/5 people here are trolling so no one cares anymore cllesh: u rly think after these guys troll we will do anything cllesh: games is done, just a matter of acceptin g it wehenever it happens cllesh: ^ cllesh: not thew only one but ya same concept cllesh: u have as many deaths as the person ur saying is a feeder.. makes u think cllesh: what dont u understand, ur feeding lost this game, u saying to do some sdimple that everyone knows wont win the game, its ironi cllesh: dude, most deaths in the game cllesh: talks shiot nonstop cllesh: u feel that naut, we could have won easy if it wasnt for thesse feeders cllesh: who talk shit about our team whiole being the worse players cllesh: keep killing them naut dont listen just kill cllesh: ur a beast cllesh: dont go solo though in jg cllesh: use my wqards yo cllesh: ui need more go back cllesh: this is risky cllesh: they all up naut cllesh: this is risky cllesh: they here cllesh: run cllesh: run cllesh: ruybn cllesh: un cllesh: run cllesh: user baron run cllesh: rynuin!!! cllesh: fucking a cllesh: i thought u wanted to win naut, i thought u were my man cllesh: i didnt know u were one of these guys Post-Game cllesh: i have lost all hope cllesh: this game is done cllesh: i will dark cllesh: i will stop playing and just waiting now cllesh: ty cllesh: u showed me the way
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