I'm perma banned and here's my story.

I'd like to start off by saying I have played this game for 3 years and in the first 2 years of playing never received any discipline. In the last year however, I have received 14 chat restrictions, 2 temp bans, and finally a perma ban. A little background into the type of gamer I am. I'm the girl who rolled a priest main in world of Warcraft. I also mained a full tank warrior for my guild because it was essential to better my guild and honestly isn't the most glamorous or fun roll. I prioritize scouting, early units for defense, and vision for my teammates in starcraft.etcetc you get the point. Basically my goal in every single game is to provide the best support I can to win/succeed. In this game I mained support. I enjoyed it even though its nearly impossible to carry a team from this roll. In every single que I would fill no matter where I was in picks. I tried to keep the picks as civil as possible because ranked is a volatile place. If my team had no tank and I was in a possible position to take a tank I would instantly do that in support of my team. I posted before my chat logs and I don't use foul language or wish cancer on anyone. My "problem" in the last year is that I finally started talking back to trolls and feeders. I would ask them to please play safer/ stop trying to engage 1v1 when you are down 3-0. If an adc died doing something he shouldn't and instantly blamed me I would tell him exactly what he did wrong without calling him a bad player. I can post again my chat logs that I was permanently banned for and you will see I am telling the truth. Was I the most positive person in the world when 2 teammates go double adc bottom and are 0-11 by 15 min mark? no I wasn't. did I wish them cancer or call them pieces of shit? no I did not. I asked them to play safer and cs under tower to which they told me to go fuck myself. After this game I received a notification that I was reported for negative behavior and then perma banned. Even the report from riotlyte stated I shouldn't have responded to the trolls or talked to the feeders. that my actions were just as bad as theirs. It literally says I should just mute them and keep playing. so why don't they mute me? its all very confusing I am not here trying to get my account back. I'm here to say you push away people who genuinely care about winning in ranked play. the "tryhards" who do everything they can to win get reported after the game for telling feeders to stop feeding and asking trolls to plz at least try and cs. Riot lyte focused so hard on taking negative behavior from text out of game that they don't even look at the context of the game. guess what when you are on a team with trolls/feeders who are trying to throw the game its annoying. The priority of the game creators should be getting rid of the trolls and feeders from RANKED. you don't have to ban people from the game entirely for such behavior. some people genuinely are not "tryhards" and may not take ranked that serious and that's fine. They should be moved into playing unranked games. I know this was a wall of text but I felt like at least getting this off my chest before moving on to another game. a disappointed Kristen
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