In Regards to Riot FORCING Communication / Hypocrisy as shown in Singed Support Player Suspension

Why are people banned for playing singed support ?
So people are getting banned from playing singed it does not break the summoners code i have never tried it but i will eventually Summoners code Review This Summoners code is up to date as it is shown here it is exactly the same on theyre website
Hey there guys. I am here to tell you that some of the Rioters have been playing us pretty well and they should quit being known it alls and take a look at their vision and mission statements. Apparently always meant to cultivate innovation and new METAs, it doesn't seem that way in the fashion in which they responded to the Singed Support player - by suspending him. He said that there is a difference between "communicating AT" player and "communicating WITH" your teammates. This was a simplistic response to cover up that they were wrong/ too harsh when suspending the 2.7 M XP Singed . Yes there is a difference, but that is not the main issue of suspension. The code says that one must first support one's team. Really. Well, since when are we FORCED to communicate. HYPOCRISY. If you told Singed not to communicate AT players by copying and pasting a paragraph of his strategy in the pre-game chat, to communicate WITH them in more mutual and engaging ways, what if he chose to mute them AS WE HAVE TO OPTION TO MUTE ALL PLAYERS AND ARE NOT REQUIRED TO TYPE? There is the mute. Why is it there IF it will break one of the codes to "support your team" ? I can support my team by not typing a single word or issuing a ping. Whether we win or lose, where is Riot then? Would he have been suspended and consequently THREATENED if he had won 100% of his games with this style? What if he was in a voice chat for most of the games that he played Singed support and players still reported him during the post game but never complained in live chat? How in the world would the Rioters that reviewed his case have known that there was no communication WITH players if they do not have traces of the voice chat? Supporting does not equal communicating, at least, not for the legitimate Rioters that hold the original values of League of Legends. It sucks that there are some that work there and take it upon themselves to interpret what their clearly written expectations are. There is not need. If it is not explicitly forbidden or written , suspension should not come with anything that wasn't foreseen and infringes upon the liberty of the player to play however he wants in whatever fashion he/she desires. Why try to force the meta in such a nasty way? Because that is what you are doing when you tell players that they have to play a certain way that makes most players happy. Remember, a Utopian society would be boring. We need those innovating and daring players in the league to keep things interesting and so that we have new things poping out that bring us laughs and things to talk about with friends. Can the tribunal chose to suspend a player if I request it after having him/her in a game where he/she muted us all? He/she did not speak a word, issued a ping, completely won his lane/ fed his arse off, and the game ended thanks to him. He did not communicate WITH players or AT players and there was not the smallest spec of supporting from him whatsoever. I welcome anyone who wishes to answer any of these points and I know that there are a ton of you that are here with me. We are constantly being forced into what's in fashion in league and what isn't with these types of actions and "balancing" reworks/nurrfs/buffs. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} You tell players to cummincate, yet at min 0 you can already mute the entire team. Would be less hypocritical if you would allow the muting only after 7 minutes or so, when the heat's been given a chance to go away.
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