14 day banned off a single chat log without prior chat restriction???

Game 1 Pre-Game PleasantVirgin: white priviledge PleasantVirgin: i swear lucian jg gonna be hot for the rest of the reason PleasantVirgin: season PleasantVirgin: til rito gets their shit together PleasantVirgin: im gonna abuse it In-Game PleasantVirgin: many people have been diamond PleasantVirgin: its not aliens or something PleasantVirgin: or illegals from mexico PleasantVirgin: ks PleasantVirgin: y u ks my ks PleasantVirgin: omg smurf lucian PleasantVirgin: look me kite PleasantVirgin: oof close PleasantVirgin: u think lucian jg is ur bitch? PleasantVirgin: the fuq? PleasantVirgin: gey PleasantVirgin: thats just gey n nasty PleasantVirgin: hate looking at that champ PleasantVirgin: HELLO SIR PleasantVirgin: SIR PleasantVirgin: WE ARE LOSING PleasantVirgin: bot PleasantVirgin: when u tower falls PleasantVirgin: rotate to get another outer PleasantVirgin: i dont know what ur doing PleasantVirgin: foreign concept to support players PleasantVirgin: k i l ur sel x fF PleasantVirgin: lol PleasantVirgin: nice champ rito PleasantVirgin: ki L u R s e L x F ri to PleasantVirgin: plz report kayle PleasantVirgin: taking my jg PleasantVirgin: this kayle wants to take all the resources PleasantVirgin: then afk on us PleasantVirgin: haha PleasantVirgin: good player PleasantVirgin: shes basically afk PleasantVirgin: omg wow PleasantVirgin: u get carry by ur team until u can facetank cuz ur champ brain damage Post-Game PleasantVirgin: solo carry This was all just joke pretty much with my team and premade. Like when I said white priviledge it was response to my duo asking why i always get jg. Like I'm racist or hate speech i was just kidding. When kayle took my jg i was just joking asking for report even. Like wtf I haven't even gotten a single chat restrict on this account im confused :(
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