Permaban appeal

"Everyone deserves respect on the rift" tell me here besides the two, where do i blatantly disrespect people. The community overuses the report button for anything they dont like. "u trash dont get to decide when to surrender" and "none of u fucks want to listen to me" Everyone is report happy when they lose and i do and say whats needed to win. For reference notice how i only critisized j4 at the start of the game... He shaped the fuck up and i didnt do it anymore, and i didnt insult anything directly but gp's play. "bad ult" was clearly save your ult in another scenario like that. As for "quit now u cock" we had played against a potentially scripting ezreal (in which i encouraged my team we can beat him ayway) and another ez we were up against immediately after had a sketchy account. I am a net positive for the league community and this is some bullshit. Unban requesting here since i no longer have the email for this account. I have no doubt that I wont be unbanned but this is a reminder that there is no place for people who like to chat in league of legends and that should be fixed talking in game should not be immediately viewed as negative Game 1 StevoTheCreator: let me know if this ez is scruipting karma StevoTheCreator: i cant see his name so he is modifying files StevoTheCreator: quit now u cock StevoTheCreator: we take those StevoTheCreator: damn StevoTheCreator: he has more ms StevoTheCreator: also bot dont die StevoTheCreator: plz StevoTheCreator: and i need to clea StevoTheCreator: because i need elvels StevoTheCreator: take the damnatower StevoTheCreator: u got the kill StevoTheCreator: WHAT StevoTheCreator: ARE U DOING StevoTheCreator: omg StevoTheCreator: dude StevoTheCreator: u fed her the kil StevoTheCreator: not me StevoTheCreator: IF U HIT TOWER StevoTheCreator: IONSTEAD OF MINIONS StevoTheCreator: WE WOULD HAVE NOT HAD THAT PROBVLE StevoTheCreator: i gave y a ki StevoTheCreator: that offsets minions lead StevoTheCreator: LOOOL StevoTheCreator: hes a salty noob StevoTheCreator: GET TOWER StevoTheCreator: GET TOWERT StevoTheCreator: IT WAS FOR FIRST TOWER StevoTheCreator: NOT FOR KILL StevoTheCreator: stop being salty StevoTheCreator: also StevoTheCreator: dont bitch about me taking cs StevoTheCreator: u gave uypo StevoTheCreator: first towerr gold StevoTheCreator: WHNE I GABVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE StevoTheCreator: NOOOOO StevoTheCreator: daerius StevoTheCreator: your doing nothing StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: \this darius StevoTheCreator: gibving up towers StevoTheCreator: liek candy StevoTheCreator: kid StevoTheCreator: your duo StevoTheCreator: thinks he can carry this game StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: its not me bro StevoTheCreator: nio its really not StevoTheCreator: hjow am ii losing the game StevoTheCreator: i literally secured StevoTheCreator: first tower StevoTheCreator: and a kill for top StevoTheCreator: and he bitched at me StevoTheCreator: i dont tilt StevoTheCreator: for taking "his" cs StevoTheCreator: 2/6/3 StevoTheCreator: say it right StevoTheCreator: NOOOBS StevoTheCreator: GG StevoTheCreator: were hemoraging tower StevoTheCreator: why StevoTheCreator: LOOL StevoTheCreator: DARIUS TP StevoTheCreator: u understimate StevoTheCreator: how bad StevoTheCreator: this darius StevoTheCreator: fucked up top StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: loool StevoTheCreator: dude StevoTheCreator: all u StevoTheCreator: u didnt take StevoTheCreator: the free first tower i gabe u StevoTheCreator: not really Game 2 StevoTheCreator: no flash StevoTheCreator: no mana mid StevoTheCreator: no gank StevoTheCreator: dumb ass j4 lol StevoTheCreator: its k dued StevoTheCreator: we can come back StevoTheCreator: COME MID StevoTheCreator: listne to your teamates StevoTheCreator: or lsoe j4 StevoTheCreator: HE HAS NO BOOTS StevoTheCreator: FOR FUCKS SAJKE StevoTheCreator: WARD StevoTheCreator: gg jh4 StevoTheCreator: gl homie StevoTheCreator: lol j4 StevoTheCreator: look at the map StevoTheCreator: LOOOL StevoTheCreator: J4 U QED AND E THAT WAS 1000 UNITS AWAY StevoTheCreator: stop tilting StevoTheCreator: its easy StevoTheCreator: wtf StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: j4 StevoTheCreator: 0 objectives StevoTheCreator: im done StevoTheCreator: surrender StevoTheCreator: u trash dont get to decide StevoTheCreator: when to surrende StevoTheCreator: dude StevoTheCreator: what are u doing StevoTheCreator: dont play gp after this StevoTheCreator: NO TEAM StevoTheCreator: NO TEAM StevoTheCreator: NO TEAM StevoTheCreator: why didnt u surrender StevoTheCreator: if your not gonna try StevoTheCreator: WTF StevoTheCreator: ARE U DOING BARON StevoTheCreator: BRAUM StevoTheCreator: GO HELP BOT StevoTheCreator: its gg StevoTheCreator: go in for me StevoTheCreator: u pussies StevoTheCreator: so i dont take damage StevoTheCreator: u want your only damage to die? StevoTheCreator: FIGHT StevoTheCreator: fight StevoTheCreator: fight StevoTheCreator: fight StevoTheCreator: fight StevoTheCreator: NO TEAM StevoTheCreator: NO TEAM StevoTheCreator: surrender StevoTheCreator: plz StevoTheCreator: stop wasting my time StevoTheCreator: why are u guys StevoTheCreator: still playing this game StevoTheCreator: we shoulda surrendered a while ago StevoTheCreator: fucking waste more time StevoTheCreator: dont get diamond harder StevoTheCreator: plz StevoTheCreator: GOOOO StevoTheCreator: IN StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: u mean StevoTheCreator: thatmoney StevoTheCreator: u can beat scripters StevoTheCreator: either way StevoTheCreator: bad ulti StevoTheCreator: gp StevoTheCreator: fight StevoTheCreator: no StevoTheCreator: hes not StevoTheCreator: go StevoTheCreator: gp StevoTheCreator: u have to learn StevoTheCreator: how to not take damage StevoTheCreator: before u can play that champ Game 3 StevoTheCreator: through tri bush? StevoTheCreator: no sums mid started w StevoTheCreator: im fucked StevoTheCreator: its fine StevoTheCreator: no ult mid StevoTheCreator: im not sure hwo this game is going StevoTheCreator: ... StevoTheCreator: bad ult StevoTheCreator: wtf StevoTheCreator: what aer u people doing StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: no StevoTheCreator: u saw hec StevoTheCreator: a yeat agop StevoTheCreator: well StevoTheCreator: i cant go top StevoTheCreator: and mid is impossible to push StevoTheCreator: so shut the fuyck uo StevoTheCreator: and make a play happen StevoTheCreator: or its gg StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: its voer StevoTheCreator: its gg StevoTheCreator: LOOOL StevoTheCreator: no team StevoTheCreator: at all StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: why arent u taking bot tower StevoTheCreator: WHY ARENT U BOT RIGHT NOW StevoTheCreator: U NOOBS StevoTheCreator: its gg StevoTheCreator: peace kennen StevoTheCreator: what a jkooke StevoTheCreator: i think u mean u are StevoTheCreator: gg StevoTheCreator: bg StevoTheCreator: lol StevoTheCreator: can we surrender StevoTheCreator: why waste more time StevoTheCreator: i dont care StevoTheCreator: i dont have patience StevoTheCreator: this game is over StevoTheCreator: its literally a troll fest StevoTheCreator: from here until diamond 3 StevoTheCreator: i can tank StevoTheCreator: all mid StevoTheCreator: lol StevoTheCreator: bg StevoTheCreator: \none of u fucks want to listen to me StevoTheCreator: yea right StevoTheCreator: ziggs w StevoTheCreator: is gg StevoTheCreator: GOOO
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