Why don't I get the "never surrender" guys in the winnable matches?

I've noticed now that when a match is a garanteed loss, I have people who won't surrender. Like sometime ago, it's 21-3 (everyone lost Lane and the jungler is far behind) , the enemy team took most of our towers and the midlane inhibitor is exposed, they have a fed Vayne who's just insta bursting everyone, our team comp sucks with the only real hard CC we have is a soraka root. Somebody casts a surrender vote and the yi and our jungler spend the whole match saying "noooo just defend and farm, we have a twitch so we'll win late game". Only took 20 more minutes for the match to drag on to 41-5 until the yi and jungle realize the match is lost. And then there's this scenario, the match is 21-22, we took down more towers and have stronger map control, we have a decent comp. Its part of the reason I dislike having bot premades they will always hold you hostage, our bot Lane twitch and blitz can both be 0/6 with a 12/0 Vayne at 150 CS while our twitch is still at 36 and all other lanes except top lost and they'll be like "nooooo but I'm twitch pls trust me, we win late game", they can have a top Lane urgot so fed while our team is so behind that we couldn't even 4v1 urgot (and that's NOT a made up scenario, that actually happened in one of my matches about a week after his rework came out). But when the match is even, 4/5 of the team surrenders. And yes I know big comebacks are a thing, but you're not going to make this big comeback when your whole team is pure damage with no reliable cc (because solo Q) and when you don't even have the items to get the heavy damage. Unless the other team just starts doing dumb things or purposly throw the match. But I only play normals, I imagine that people would use the surrender thing properly in maybe gold+
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