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This is going to be long. I'm sure this topic has been brought up many times: Dodging in Ranked. No one wants to waste their time in frustration when, by chance, you have a troll on your team, who decides to pick an ADC when someone already picked it and then be like "I called it, I don't care if I see you locking in that ADC because you have a higher pick order". Then your team falls apart right from the pick/ban and everyone just decides to troll along and you end up picking smite on a TF that you already locked in because no one else will. I seriously think Riot needs to address this issue by considering solutions to this, instead of making astoundingly idiotic patches. You all may think 3 LP isn't that much, live with that "chance". But honestly, no one wants to be in the receiving end of a penalty for reason that you have NO control over in pick/ban. People have too much "power". And it just makes me laugh when Riot responds by saying you can communicate in champion select to prevent it. Um, no you can't. Unless you're Emilia Clarke somehow able to blow the guy across that screen, you're not persuading anyone. While, yes, MOBA games need constant updates or patches to keep the game in balance, I really think Riot needs to stop for a few weeks and focus on the system of the game and matchmaking (after the hotfix on masteries and items). And I swear to god, they better not retweak another champion's skill to act as a "heal". Jesus, Ekko's ult, Fiora's ult, Dariu's Q, Lissandra's ult, please Riot, you seem to run out of ideas desperately. I also don't understand how in the world they released all these changes when there was PBE. I'm pretty sure players along with the designers saw how broken some of these changes were but it's as if the whole point of PBE is just there for a tease of what's going to happen rather than testing some stuff out and changing them before actually releasing them on the actual server.
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