players like this...deserve to be banned for some time so they stop.

I used to be a member of our ever expanding toxic community. I was put on a 24 day ban or something like that for being toxic, and i actually did stop the flame and harassing, people mess up things happen. But that's flaming someone for playing poorly is slightly understandable, not cool...but it makes some sense they are making the game harder/impossible. Than there are people like the two I had the pleasure of being qued with...he bans the champ I'm hovering. No biggie, he might not have been paying attention or maybe habit ban no big deal. Someone on the other team didn't lock in and I got requed. Got the same guy that proceeded to ban someone else on my teams hover, than told them I told him to. They than banned my hover, now everyone is flaming and toxic. Gotta love some players man...Riot if you actually care about people like this being banned, you'll do something.

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