New to the game - Still haven't seen the toxic community I've heard so much about.

Hello everyone! This is my first post. I started playing LoL about 2 weeks ago and it's the first MOBA I have ever played, ever. In fact I never really even knew what a MOBA was and I had already decided that the idea was stupid. Once I started working after college I heard more and more people talking about LoL. Finally 2 weeks ago I was bored and decided to give it a go - I was hooked instantly. One thing though that I have heard about this game in the last year is that it's toxic. Any search on Google for "most toxic game" will bring this. Coming from the Call of Duty community & Hearthstone forum/game community I was really expecting a terrible experience. My very first game I played I had no clue what I was doing. I decided to take the middle route because it seemed faster than going all the way around. Of course the mid was not happy and informed me they had called it. I had no idea what he was talking about or why anyone had to call where they wanted to stand but I didn't want to be difficult so I asked him where I should go and he told me, bottom. After that I had a couple games with numerous deaths & my team mates would tell me to stop feeding. This might have been *slightly* annoying to hear at first but after a little time I realized WHY dying so much was bad and I was more careful. The rest of my experiences have been wonderful. I'm only level 24 but I've really enjoyed playing. I have been invited to two social groups after doing well in a game and most people have been very friendly in a way that I don't expect from online games. Hearthstone is a BM fest & Call of Duty.. Well if you enjoy getting told to f*** your mother by a 12 year old you would get the idea of that community. So it makes me wonder, is there a storm coming and if so - when? When I go to ranked is everyone suddenly toxic and will rage at every death I get? I'm starting to feel like the players who say this game is so toxic are just people who feed and then get mad when team mates criticize them. I try to avoid this by playing with bots when I want to try a new champion. Kench for example, I suck with. I still haven't had a good game against the bots so I don't see myself bringing him to blind or draft anytime soon. But anyway, just wanted to say hello to the LoL online forum community and see the opinions on this!
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