This is a very typical chatbox of League of Legends [Toxic chatbox]

No, really. This happened, and this happens every single day. Like, this is what I expect of the League community, and why I have heard that not too many people really want to pick up League anymore simply because of the toxic community. In a nutshell, my team consisted of a Voli, a Darius, a Sion, a Rek ' Sai, and Brand. Darius decides to ask Sion to stop feeding, and well, that chat happened for one simple question. I don't know any of the people in here, but pretty much, after that one question, the whole game devolved into the Sion and the Volibear on our team calling Darius a "%%%got" who should kill himself and that they're drunk/high/whatever teenagers say to try and sound cooler to others on the internet. Seriously, this is the League community in a nutshell. I know that Riot prides themselves in trying to make an inclusive environment, but seeing as this is extremely common (as in, if it's not a bot game I'm in, this kind of chat happens, guaranteed) in League, I'm questioning whether or not Riot is actually trying to improve the community. I blocked out the names, but the Voli and the Sion both said that they don't care if they get banned, because they'll continue to make new accounts to ensure that they can make every other player miserable. I know that there's no way to address this since the game is free-to-play and has no incentive to actually be a nice person in the game now other than visual flair, but come on. The community is getting worse and worse as every season passes.
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