Would referee's in ranked games be over kill and unsustainable?

This is a thought experiment, nothing more. Meant to talk about a hypothetical and explore the pros and cons. So this was something I had thought of reading a post on here about pro sports. Would a system in LoL's ranked system that allowed an 11th, impartial human being spectate the game and be able to document chat, actions, etc, in real time and pit it against end game reports to better render verdicts on player behavior, be sustainable? Ethical? Truly impartial? Exploitable? Discuss. Because much of the Player behavior verdicts, let's face it, are determines half by a computer system, and Riot doesn't have enough human employees and never will to get to every single instance quickly. Currently we are at a cross roads as the game has grown to where, at least in my perspective, community refs and managers that offer to spectate and "keep the peace" in regards to toxicity would be hugely beneficial.

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