add 1 specialized vote report that you can use once a season

Once a season, you get a special report that if it goes through, guarantees a punishment on the person you cast it on. This is reserved for the worst of the trolls you've encountered, not only intentionally feeding but telling others to go kill themselves while typing racist things in a way riots machine fails to detect. How it works: Everyone gets one of these special reports in a season, and when used you send a pop up survey box to everyone on the offenders team who played with the offender you reported except their duo, asking them did the offender intentionally feed while being toxic as well, and if the vote is unanimous for the people answering the survey, the offender receives a 14 ban right away. Riot system cannot identify intentional feeders from people having a bad day, and there is no way someone would waste their 1 report a season on a player who is only having a bad day. If someone submits a ticket to support and they were only having a bad day and were unfairly banned by a player who used their specialized ticket, the person who submitted the specialized ticket will have their future access to special reports revoked.

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