Banned By Riot

So thanks to the great and mighty riot.. My account is now perma banned.. 9 years of buying skins. All because we are now at the mercy of playing Unwinnable games due to new players thinking they are in fact winnable.. My last game was a prime example. People forcing other people to play a game out at 27 mins with no objectives at all and the score is 11-37 and and they are in our base, Is infact bullshit. Further more.. for the enemy to sit outside the nexus and just farm kills instead of finish the game is Also complete bullshit.. thats greifing. and should be reportable but its not. SO my account gets banned for me actually saying something. Here is what i said to get banned. Game 1 In-Game TSW Stryken: no and then TSW Stryken: ... TSW Stryken: khazix.. wtf TSW Stryken: nah TSW Stryken: item TSW Stryken: dumpster.. TSW Stryken: khazix... u need to step up your jungle game bro.. TSW Stryken: yi u wanna come give me more gold plz? TSW Stryken: trash TSW Stryken: gg TSW Stryken: gg TSW Stryken: our jungler has no idea how to play TSW Stryken: hes legit afk TSW Stryken: why didnt u just camp bot and open bottom? TSW Stryken: open bottom and end plz TSW Stryken: no i ment what i said TSW Stryken: thank you TSW Stryken: report khazix for afk TSW Stryken: im legit quitting TSW Stryken: enjoy ruining other peoples game and making them play a 4v5 TSW Stryken: cant even surrender in a 4v5 against a fed yi TSW Stryken: malz how am i toxic? im stating the obvious.. You are forcing us to play a 4v5 . Thats bullshit TSW Stryken: same here... TSW Stryken: report malz for making us play this.. TSW Stryken: and verbal language TSW Stryken: im sitting in the base TSW Stryken: finish the game TSW Stryken: its bs man... like.. afk'ed.. we have no turrets no dragons... and legit just shit stomped TSW Stryken: i mean like.. Look up my jhin stats after game.. my stats show i should be in gold 2.. but instead... i get teams like this Constantly.. TSW Stryken: ya im down TSW Stryken: thank god its done I am a hard stuck silver Due to players not being remotely close to my skill level. I love how fucking riot wont show what the other players said..bunch of bullshit! if i were to guess.. i have roughly 160 skins.. plus multiple legendaries.. anyone wanna take a guess on how much money i spent over 9 years?
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