Ranked Reporting LP Payback System

Hey everyone, Coming to you from the depths of Bronze 4, i have had alot of time to think about some problems facing low elo ranked gameplay. One of the biggest problems being the lack of commitment that many players have towards games in this elo. Since it is low elo and many players in it are either fairly new to league, have other accounts, or are simply not particularly interested in what rank their account is, there is very little motivation for many players to full commit to a game. This comes with MANY problems. This includes the usual assortment of troll picks, uneducated picks, troll runes and builds, and any other sort of intended troll right off the bat. While these arent reportable and people are free to build whatever they choose, there are many problems that ARE against the rules that occur far too frequently in this elo. This includes intentional feeding, flaming, and afk'ing/leaving games. Since people dont care about the outcome as much, if they start having a bad game they will either 1) leave the game, they dont care about the LP loss or potential account ban or whatever. 2) flame everyone on their team and troll them the rest of the game, or start inting kills. 3) cause another member of the team to afk/int by flaming them. This is a reality for iron, bronze, and silver players in atleast 50% of games, depending on your particular teammate RNG and MMR. This means that in atleast 50% of games, you are almost certain to lose simply due to the toxicity of teammates. While this is not a new concept, I believe I have a somewhat unique concept on how to allow the players who consistently put great effort into winning every game and to report toxic players for their behavior that is against the rules, and allow for them to successfully achieve the rank that they are capable of playing at. This system would be a sort of LP payback system. If a player on your team AFK'ed mid game, or started running it down mid with 6 tears for 50 deaths, and you reported them and upon review, RIOT determines that it is a valid report, the player(s) who reported them on their own team (assuming that they are the team that lost) would be payed back HALF of the LP that they lost. I believe this would be beneficial in many ways. To start, players would be more inclined to take the time to report this behavior as opposed to quickly leaving the lobby to get away from the toxic environment and simply logging off or finding a new game. This would also result in players who frequent this behavior being picked up by RIOT systems to face punishment, helping to remove these players form ranked games. By only being payed back 50% of the lost LP, this strategy would not be abuse-able to climb through consistent inting or afking of a premade account, and by only having these points be payed back to players who actually reported them, it would help to avoid a general creep towards higher ranks for everyone, and further motivate people to appropriately report players who deserve it. Please let me know what you think of this idea and any tweaks/improvements/problems involved with it. I would love to see this implemented in order to benefit the level headed, dedicated league players who are trying to climb out of elo hell <3. Remember to upvote if you think this is a good idea! -Casual Kha

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