New player (1 month into this game) permanently banned discussion

So I made this to talk about the community and my experience in a bit of detail. If you would like to skip to the main point It'll be after the {{item:1056}} below. For most of my gaming life I have frequented shooting games at a decently high level, and I have always been a competitive player, recently I have been lost with what to play, and thanks to a tinder match I decided to give league of legends a try (my first ever moba) At the start I tried to play as many characters as possible, I wanted a base knowledge of everyone on the roster so I wouldn't be suprised, I begun to figure out what I enjoyed and what I didn't. I picked a few mains {{champion:24}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:59}} so that I had flexibility and wouldn't be caught out in my roles (top / jungle) and I begun researching runes / items so that I could understand counterplay and the reasoning behind all my choices. Now this alone is a lot of knowledge to pick up on in a month, understanding the format of a moba, trying the massive variety of characters, and items, runes etc. I then hit level 30 and after a 27 / 1 normal game on Jax I was feeling very confident, I thought "hey I'm ready for ranked" so I dived straight in, the first game I got entirely countered by a riven and went 0/18 but I didn't give up going 4/10 on my placements. However those 10 games were an horrendous experience not because I got destroyed, but because of the way I was treated. {{item:1056}} (This is where I get to the point) As a new player throughout my placements, I was profusely flamed, told I was horrible at the game and torn apart by a variety of players who were doing better or worse than me, consistently on my own team rather than the apposing. Then when I thought it couldn't get any worse I was permanently banned for responding to the negativity with negativity. I know that my behaviour and the things I said were terrible, I won't try to talk my way out of that, as much as the ban frustrates me I can respect the reasoning behind it. But the point I am getting at here is that this community is horribly unforgiving to new people, there is so much detail to this game and so many layers to understand and improve at from csing, to building the right items, poking in your lane, preparing for ganks, warding for mushrooms, taking the right battles, working in a team, and yet everyone is expected to have it all mastered and perform perfectly from the start?
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