I got banned from this

spent 40 min in a game being called trash useless scum every name in the book well i be as passive as i possibly can then i get perma banned after having to put up with two people insulting me all fucking game posting chat logs below (even tho there one sided i did nothing that warents a perma ban In Game: God Angol: you could of killed both of them melz God Angol: commit God Angol: ya u r God Angol: you chase into 3 God Angol: rather then kill adc God Angol: ya u r God Angol: 16cs God Angol: chases into bush then calls me a name God Angol: lol God Angol: melz walked right past drag God Angol: lmmfao God Angol: as you hold ult to try and kill him God Angol: and dont ult when i ping God Angol: ok God Angol: ok God Angol: hes to fed now God Angol: jhin ur not even a jhin player ur literaly only playing him to use skin God Angol: take your own advice God Angol: w.e you think God Angol: you threw ur own lane when you chased sup [All]God Angol: at least we know our bot lane can 2v1 the adc [All]God Angol: lol [All]God Angol: think our khin does to God Angol: i cant even go in my jg now [All]God Angol: i love when lanes lose then flame jg [All]God Angol: how is overexstending in my own jg? [All]God Angol: lmmfao God Angol: im 0-9 bc ur blind God Angol: and your laneers and ganking my jg [All]God Angol: there making me use smite to get normal camps lol God Angol: blame me more plz God Angol: and bot was 1-10 at 6 min God Angol: which lead to there bot invading my jg [All]God Angol: 3 BABY [All]God Angol: LM 3 [All]God Angol: NEW ANIMAL CORSSING God Angol: wrong lol God Angol: again jhin you chased a sup God Angol: over a adc God Angol: the more you flame the less i care [All]God Angol: he flames me all game btw [All]God Angol: kjin called me every name in the book [All]God Angol: jhin- God Angol: what am i gonna do God Angol: magicly speed up God Angol: enjoy ur punishment God Angol: i only so far behind bc u keep taking jg camps God Angol: half of them get stolen God Angol: half you take God Angol: where i get money God Angol: keep em commin jhin God Angol: plz God Angol: hope you lose all ur skins God Angol: lol [All]God Angol: tbh ur lucky you dont have this jhin [All]God Angol: none stop [All]God Angol: can we get this jhin punished plz [All]God Angol: crys all game God Angol: check my match history jhin God Angol: be surprissed [All]God Angol: nobody has defended me [All]God Angol: also reread what jhin just said [All]God Angol: punishment plz [All]God Angol: gg God Angol: if only jhin played good early to [All]God Angol: so you go 0-5 every game jhin? [All]God Angol: then you do good? [All]God Angol: you said nothing changes God Angol: ya ur not carrying Post Game Lobby: God Angol: plz reprt jhin n melz God Angol: flame me all game God Angol: hope you lose your skins jhin God Angol: toxic fk

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