LOL players environment discuss : toxic, flame, troll, afk players

I have been playing LOL for 6 years since 2012. I met lots of different players. Some are perfect good guys, some are perfect bad guys. We all wanna win the games during game begins, while the game is going. Some good or bad things happened. We all wants to avoid the bad guys whatever we win or lose, from the ban/pick order or in-game play. But sometimes, even the good attitude players or good proformance players had bad attitude. Question is Good performance can instead of the judge or not? How to judge the performance for feeding troll or is there any standard for this? So the problem has shown, currently the auto judge system is not that efficient. It always missed sanction for some games. And it always judge one side. Mostly we know the wrong things always happened from two sides. we know the good players don't always do bad things, it always happened after the bad players doing bad things. Some suggestions, ban all the mad or bad words first, sentences too. The honor system ( points system )can instead of the judge of bad behaviors. 1 point for win, 1 point for best and second proformance in both team, -1 points for every one report, -1 for every 3 gamse bad proformance, in-game chat report system. have an option more obviously in the client to select silence or not for team or op-team. link facebook or discord or something else to let others to join.
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