Hashinshin ban is inexcuseable by RIOT, and if anything Smurfing should be banned.

IMO this is one of the worst decisions I've ever seen. For everyone who hates how Hashinshin plays, I do too. Thats' not the point. Hashinshin is consistent in how he plays the game - bad. Hashinshin use to be a master tier player. He is now D3. He will probably continue to demote based on his playstyle over time. But I think we can agree that Hashinshin isn't some boosted Gold player. He earned his D3 ranking by playing over 1350 games, rarely duo'd, had a 25 game win streak in which he hit masters for a day. Hashinshin, a Diamond 3 player, ran into a smurf account of Adrian Riven. Adrian is challenger. Hash, perhaps because he watched worlds and thought "Viktor top seems like a kool pick, maybe I'll try him out top", locked in a champ he has no experience playing. Against one of the top 200 players in our region. It's pretty predictable what happened. I'm sure people will talk about how Hashinshin did X incorrectly. At what point did being bad turn into a 14 day suspension? The season will be ending shortly, and the ranked ladder will be reseting. Is Riot going to be issuing bans to me because I have the misfortune of laning against Bjergsen, or Doublelift, or Sneaky, or any pro going through placement matches? I watched one of Fakers placement matches this year, and he went 18/0 at 13 minutes on Vladimir. This is now bannable? The thing that makes shit situation so bullshit is that Hashinshin has always played like this. He didn't decide 'You know what, I'm losing so I'm going to run it down'. I've seen Hashinshin down 0/3/0 on Jax, jump in and get good trades off/kills. He does it all the time. It's his thing. It's why when a jungler know Hashinshin is on the enemy team, they camp top because he overextends. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. 1350 diamond games to be exact. And today, he had the misfortune of running into a Challenger player smurfing in D3, and Riot banned him for it.(Not to mention, he was banned for selecting a champion he saw played on the world stage and isn't very good at, ARE YOU KIDDING WITH ME!!!!!!!!!) I better see smurfing banned in the future if this precedent continues. Otherwise I'm not entering lane if I think my opponent might be better than me.
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