Permanent Chatbann vs Permanent Bann and other relating topics

So, i have quite recently been permanently banned after playing this game since season 2 on the same account. This has gotten me heavly invested in understanding the stance on banning people, why permanent chatbanns are good and how riot enforces it's policies. 1. The permanent chatbanns I have a contention with the permanent chatbanns. It was tried in NA for a while, with the rusults being that people "started to find other ways to harras people, i.e. intentionally feeding, afk". There are a two of problems, which i will list here. a. recognition of offences b. full chatbann a. Recognition of offences This is a huge issue with the system, there is no way to definitly say that someone is intentionally feeding, as one doesn't want to bann just straight up bad players, it is a lot easier have a bot looking through the different chatlogs and getting hits on the words used. Because of this people who flame get banned faster than people who intentionally feed. As this is the case, people who have been in the situation of having a permanent chatban might as well be people who intentionally feed or go afk, which is harder to detect. So there are 3 groups which can be sperated. Players who 1. Flame 2. Int and go afk 3. do both. The permanent chatbann won't lead flamers to become inters, they were beforehand and weren't recognized as such, because the system recognizes inting to slowly. So the results that riot attained aren't showing that flamers evolve, it just shows that there is a portion of players who are flamers and inters at the same time. b. The full chatbann The chatbann, as it is, still shows the chat, which used to be necessary for communication and you even can type a few messages each game. As before all the different pings were implemented into the game it was needed for people to actually participate. These days though, we can pretty much communicate every cooldown, where we want to go and what to do, without typing anything. The pingsystem was a great introduction and leaves the possiblity for Riot to actually cut someone off of the chat fully. One could either show the chat, without being able to interact or just cut it off fully for players who have a permanent chatbann. Another upside is that these accounts will be monitored quite closely and if they intentionally feed they will be found out far faster than normally. There is also the sulution of just being able to mute yourself for others, so you can type out what every you want, without others reading it. This would let people vent without having the person on the other end feel bad about it and it's shown that having a vent, letting out emotions is better than conceiling them. 2. The apathy of players People who come back to league of legends after having their main account permanently banned will most likely feel a lot less interest in being a rolemodel and will start to be a lot more toxic. How often have i met people who just "brought an account" or "created a new one and don't care because their main was banned", which leads them to start inting if behind and just not caring about other people who try to climb their way up. This is especially bad for people who are climbing and get mad at these people and start flaming, who then in turn get banned and become the same kind of person. Both my 14 day suspension and permanent bann were due to people inting in my games and me in turn flaming them. (the 14 day suspention was justified, the permanent one not so much, though as it was in quick succession and as i'm from euw no way to appeal.) 3. People who are invested There are a lot of people who are extremely invested in this game, they sink their time into it, try and climb and get better, only to be trolled or inted at certain points. There is a reason why there are a lot of toxic people in higher elos, as they play more than the average player. The average player, playing around 5-10 games a week will be mostly mildly annoyed by someone flaming or inting and just brush it off. People who play this game for 6-10 games straight will become increasingly more vulnerable to such behavior. They start to get mad at the people and can't remain cool about it as easily. This leads them to start flaming, and sometimes inting. I don't agree with inting in any way shape or form, but people who become mad because someone is once again inting them for the 5th game in a row are somewhat close to home for me. Them then getting banned for flaming lets them become apathetic to other people who play this game, which leads to the cycle of the apathy of players. This is a huge problem, which could be solved either by being able to detect inting people more frequently, or giving people different options than a permanent bann. I agree that some people just want to ruin the game for others (like interes and so forth) and those do deserve an IP bann in my honest opinion, but flaming is something that can be handled in a very different way. Maybe i am biased in this whole thing, as i too have been banned, but there are so many issues which aren't accounted for, the way banns are handled leaves people in a much worse state, as they have nothing to lose and will start to be the reason for others to become what they hated.
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