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Hello everyone, I would like to say something about toxic and E.T.C ban Reasons. Up in the link you can see why i Got banned for 14 Days. So let's begin, I decided to Start this season and play Again seriously League of Legends, S6 I Got MMR D5, s7 i left it GOLD 3-4 because i was not playing at all ranks, i began playing S8 About 19-20 of January , i Played my promos and I made 3-4/10 BECAUSE : I had in 3 matches[provisional games] Afk OR troller or SOMEONE who was not even playing with the team but i didn't care at all because i wanted to get to a division and begin climbing to Diamond. So i've made around 145 Games until yesterday and in more than 25 Games i faced trolls ,that for real trolls, people that loged only to destroy other games from ''FRIENDS'' Account or a 'SECOND '' account of them ofc they woulnd't care because they die and say BYE AFK. During all those 145 Games my experience of games was not That good , maybe 60-70 of them were very great and not ALL WON! What i mean is that i'm a player i know when i loose and after all is a game so i wouldn't care much but RIOT placements are not right. I met a guy with around 67-80 games i don't remember, Diamond S7, Current win ratio 31% [He is free to play , to ruin other games and not banned.] I was placed with players in Gold-Platinum Division that did not deserve that division at ALL! I'm sure everyone knows how it is to play with a team you can talk, you are pleased to play after all!! Well not anymore! you try communicate with them they ask '' WHAT?ARE U OUR LEADER MATE? GO DIE! ''. Community has gone from worse to WORST! I kept meeting players that were boosted on Duos , i kept meeting trolls with Big EGO! My chat in the link is a total Chat in 3 games and they thought it was TOXIC and unsportsmanlike ,Epic, OK of course im gonna blame someone that watches me 5-8 Seconds of fighting just next to him and he is farming creeps after all it's rank and u Try your best, at least i Do. Of course i will blame someone who makes Ulty on my jungle to take my creeps . I had a Honor of level 2 +1 and i wanted to go More levels but riots decided that from 6 of my games i was toxic as hell and decided to give me after chat ban , suspension 14 Days, my chat are not toxic and after all they can mute, as i DO! I'm sure all of us seen players saying ''kill urself,die,death,cancer, bla bla bla bla lbla and they STILL PLAY!'' Where is my toxic chat? that im asking my teammate if he wants to win this and answers NO!? how do you expect the real community of this game react ? [ " ok my friend i don't want to win it either, i'm just addicted to this game and i have no life to live let's spend it loosing?Forcing a loose? ''] NO!I'M NOT LIKE THE MOST OF THE COMMUNITY DEAR RIOT GAMES. I think riot is trying to force us leave this game by closing our mouths . It's so simple. I didn't flame, curse, or whatever! I was mad for not wanting to win and after all i loose points. I Would agree having 10/10 trolls if my points would come back and i m sure everyone would like that, that is fair! all rest are **Unfair!** Anyway, i'm not crying im just pointing out what i have seen during this season that i decided to play seriously this game. Unfair teams and it's not like im the best ofc! never will never been , but divisions are build to know where you and your Teams skills supposed to be , if im wrong correct me. Nothing is been done for e-bay account and players playing in divisons that DO NOT WORTH PLAYING TO!. But after all riot cares about the chat and which chat? i never flame , curse. wish death e.t.c like huh! 7/10 of the community. To sum up , From Silver2 i climbed to Gold 1 80 LP In about 9 days and i was determinded to climb to Diamond 4-3 in about 1.5 -2 Months. I've played the worst games ever in this season, people giving up from 4th minute or so. Unfair game , unfair system , that was all from me !! I hope most of you fellas know what i'm talking about. A game of 8 Years with such bad players i don't know , something is wrong ^^ I have more and more to state but i think it does not worth so much. \ _RIot please check my games and not only my chat. Mouth is Mouth , you can't expect someone being bullied in game and keep his mouth shut the same time. It's human playing behind the computers not Bees. _ /
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