Riot's Discipline System: The Illusion of Quality

MY ARGUMENT: Riot doesn't permaban players motivated by actually creating a better community. It's clever marketing that creates the illusion of quality. They permaban players motivated by making more money. Just like every big corporation, all their decisions are based on making more money each year. Thousands of people earn their living working at riot, remember that, and it's easy to be convinced of something when your paycheck depends on you believing it (hence the riot employees on this board who downvote and flame people who complain about the shitty discipline system). SUPPORT 1: League is a free to play game and most people play it for free. If you ban their account that they've earned tons of champs/skins/etc on over months/years, they're likely to pay at least a little bit of money to not have to spend all that time playing again. The mods on this board argue that players are not _forced_ to spend money here, but dropping $10 to rebuy your favorite champ isn't unreasonable in this situation. Yes, it's the players choice, but they wouldn't have had to make this choice if they didn't get banned, and riot looks the other way at this because it's in their financial favor. Multiply $10 by the number of players that get permabanned each year, and thats a lot of extra money. SUPPORT 2: I've been playing the game since beta and the community has gotten worse, not better. So this discipline system they advertise as "cleaning up the community" simply isn't working and tons of people can attest to this. SUPPORT 3: The smerf account market makes a shit ton of money and riot does nothing to stop it. Go do a google search and you'll see how many sites sell accounts and guarantee satisfaction. SUPPORT 4: Unless you complain a lot, the support responses you get are clearly copy-paste generic bullshit that helps no one who has been wrongfully punished. Even when you do get a real person, they just repeat what the robot said in different words. Even if you got harassed, flamed, and verbally abused in game, they don't care. If you so much as replied sarcastically to the actual trolls, you get punished the same way they do. In court, you don't get punished equally with the attacker for defending yourself, but in this game you do, and riot mods on this board love pretending like its justice. SUPPORT 5: Permabanning an account doesn't successfully stop the player from still playing and still being toxic. They just create a new one, or buy a smerf, and they're still the same person they were before they got banned.
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