Olaf: Urge of Teemo Ryze-ing

Currently the games have been getting more toxic, with people just blurting stuff like "my mord sucks (7/2/15), this sucks, that sucks" or minor problems like "you stole my kill I'm going to afk." It's pretty childish to quit on one kill and these types of attitude are persisting more and more into LoL. The worst game I've been in was when I was playing Bard, and shot a q through a minion, killing the minion and stunning the adc for my adc to kill. The person is then blaming me for csing him for that one minion for a adc kill. Then just leaves lane and never comes back. I swear this is like the league of screaming children or something. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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