Smurfing is Unfair

So I'm somewhat new to league and have been enjoying the game a lot! The only thing that really bugs me in the game are smurfs. I was playing a match against a Master Yi in mid. He was able to kill our entire team and got 1 penta kills and 2 quadra kills. While thats great for him, it really ruined the quality of our game! Since I was the first to die to him everybody said it was my fault, then my whole team blamed each other, and everyone reported each other. It really bothers me when high leveled players take extreme enjoyment in beating noobs. It causes people to stop playing this amazing game. I understand that there are good reasons to smurf like trying champions, but I think smurfing should be reported because it causes toxicity and ruins the game for lower leveled players. Riot can easily fix some reasons to smurf like adding a rental system or something like that. Any annoying smurfing experiences that annoyed you guys?
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