level 6 and I am appalled with the attitudes that I have been exposed to in League Riot PLEASE READ

I'm very new to this game, but already I have ran into people that say the most cruel things I could ever imagine. I was told that "It was good that my parents left me as a baby because I was already so retarded that they didn't want their stupidity to make me any worse". Now as someone who has lost their mother to cancer only a year ago, this is absolutely Intolerable. What was even worse was, the child (I can only imagine a child being so cruel) that was saying this to me had a friend in chat. After I told him "You're being very disrespectful" and asked the enemy team to report him, His buddy went into all chat and told them i was lying, and to report me. I know that my account is safe, but its knowing that this guy can continue to harass people.He will continue for sometime forward until enough people report him that Riot takes a look. I understand that people shouldn't get banned for the occasional slip up, but this child Assailed, Belittled, and impugned, my friend and I for a solid 25 minutes. If a Riot employee reads this I invite you to go into my match history, find the game where i played Katrina, and just read the chat please. It's even worse when I consider the fact that he is probably a smurf and doesn't even care if he gets banned. If the attitude of the boy continues to be the stereotypical attitude of League of Legends, I'm afraid that this game is simply to far gone, and I will cease to play. Thank you all for your time. Goodnight ATTENTION: Thank you all for your support, but lets not let this die here. This is a Very Very Relevant problem for the league community we need to get more peoples attention here. I would really appreciate an upvote to try and get some more opinions and possible solutions. Thank you all again - Maxtherag
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