Report Happy Lower Teirs

I am exhausted {{summoner:3}} by this community and their report happy lower tier players. It seems like every match that the most unaware, incapable, and toxic people constantly warrant 'reports' from everyone who doesn't fit their general idea of the game. They flood the chat system with constant banter about how '[[insert player name]] needs a report' or ' I am reporting [[champion/ role played]]' because they simply don't actually understand the game. This community is littered with players who don't understand MOBA's and constant belittle peoples decisions and make for nonstop toxicity throughout a match with their abusive pings and nonstop messages. Blocking peoples coms and pings is not the answer here, this is a team game and I refuse to accept that is the answer to resolving this. "Get gud" doesn't fix it either because of the disillusion of a standard metas. I feel like this game is full of people who want to be "ban happy" players who made it to level 30 and constantly think they're amazing. Why is this community filled with the worst players thinking they're outstanding and need to report everything?! I cannot go a match without some half-wit constantly flaming the chat with nonsensical bullshit about who to gang-report after the match. It's one of the worst aspects of this game and has ruined this game since Season 3. Therefore it is my recommendation that players in a lower tier - bronze - have a time-limited ability to spam a chat with banter. By administrating a limited text for players, whether by the number of texts they can send or a spam monitor that disables texts from spammers for 5 minutes perhaps the players who think they're ungodly will learn to textless and play more! The community/ majority of players are constantly forced to deal with the egregious banter by players who constantly type more and play less because there is no actual effect to their constant banter. Though their thoughts are relevant they're simply toxic and too often are said without penalty to their toxicity on the rift. The reporting system is not working and it is apparent. This game keeps getting worse and honestly the people who pay more than those who don't constantly get fucked over by a terrible comms system that simply needs to be reworked in favour of betterment of the worst players on the rift.
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