Permanent chat ban?

Riot games employees people who are banned because of typing in chat instead of not letting the players be able to play just permanently disable their game chat so they can't type it will fix so many problems by one making it so the players don't just make a new account and still abuse people in the chat for in lower levels. this will help the early player base because the lower leveled account won't see this at the start and prevent lower level, people, to be as toxic because it isnt the first thing you see when you first start to play the game for the first time and it would also help keep the player population a lot higher and last think about this the most toxic people are some of the most popular streamers/YouTubers are people that are toxic for example Tyler1 IWD Ratirl etc. that shows that the players of league like to watch people with skill and a bit of toxicity then there are fan boys who try to act like them after they have spent years playing this game just to get perma banned then it ends up with mainly 2 options they quit playing the game or they make a new account and continue to flame people in chat all that you are doing is creating a never ending cycle of level a account get banned repeat until they get to the point where they just quit. By changing this banning system the company can have way more players and there fore make more money but that is just my opinon.
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