Riot's unreal ban system.

So I was playing a game as a jungler on my account that recieved a 14 day suspension. DIM RACK is the summoner name. I got nothing but flame coming from the mid laner and support. They threatened to report me multiple times because all 3 lanes were asking for help and I can not assist all 3 lanes at once. This was paired by them calling me a "F**king idiot" and telling me to learn how to jungle. This was in an unranked blind game. I did not respond negatively in any way I only gave them response to their poor behavior which did not even include me cursing them out like they did me.... I responded in oks and carried on with my game. I believe I handled myself rather well and in no way was toxic, let alone to warrant a 14 day ban. Being subject to the ban, I now realize how your ban system works. If 3 or more people report you it doesn't matter what you say or do, you're getting penalized no matter what. This is an unjust ban system as people who simply just want to play the game get penalized when something doesn't go another player's way. Again, I did not curse AT ALL or backlash at my teammates and STILL recieved a ban but they did not. This is crazy. I am asking Riot, that you review my chat logs for that game and PLEASE reconsider this ban.
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