I really didn't think this was possible (The Honor System)

I really didn't think this was possible; well, at least for me, specifically. I started playing League of Legends in Season 3, and I remember how good it felt to be a good sport with other players during those bot games as you and at least four other players tried to learn the game on the long (yet, remarkably short in retrospect) journey to Level 30. Admittedly, yes, I was shooting to score a ribbon back then, but nothing ever came out of it and ultimately stopped going out of my way to earn one ("Honor for all"; "Honored!" - you know, all that cheesy stuff). Lately, I've been focusing on leveling up my Oceania account to Level 30. I was about 50% between Level 14 and Level 15, so I decided, "Hey, why not grind some Intermediate Bots and get to Level 15 today." I ended up playing six bot games (lmao), and after the sixth match, I was about 40XP off. I figured I'd play a last ARAM game to get to Level 15 and then hop off. But when I got into the ARAM Champion Select lobby, this yellow thing caught my eye. "What the hell?" After literally three years of playing League of Legends, I'd managed to get the "Great Leader" Honor Crest. http://i.imgur.com/F8p0ksS.png I'd like to give some advice that I think helped me personally get the "Great Leader" Honor Crest. I'm not saying that you'll necessarily get an Honor Crest by following this advice, but hopefully it'll make you a better teammate/opponent: 1. **Start each game off with a friendly greeting, and end each game with a humble message.** There are times where I'm frustrated with my performance, but despite how badly I get crushed, I do my best to remember to type "Thanks for the game everyone! GGWP!" By keeping it in your mind to type something like "GGWP", you'll be a lot less likely to type something like, "Team too heavy" or "Tryhards". Keep it positive! 2. **Point out the positive things that your team does, and play down any mistakes or missteps.** For this one, I'll admit that I have a few keybinds to ensure that I can give a "Hey, nice one!" to my team while not standing still in lane to type it (no feederino reporterino plz). Similarly, I also have a few keybinds along the lines of "Don't worry! We still got this!" I generally keep a close eye on the map, so when I see some LCS big plays goin' down, I'll throw some GJ's your way ;) 3. **Banter.** Now, I don't go out of my way to start banter, but if I see some friendly peeps sending some playful messages, I'll play along! A lot of people think that chat's only used for negative chat and tilting the enemy team; while this might be true for some players, your experiences are what you make of them. It feels great when your team can joke with the other team and vice versa. At the end of the day, yeah, I like winning. But personally, I also like to see other people having fun and enjoying themselves. Admit it - you've been in a match where Pantheon jungle is yelling and asking why the rest of the team isn't doing x, y, or z. Don't be a Pantheon. You be you.
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