Community Voting on Bans/Suspensions

I personally think that Riot needs to implement a Community Report Feedback System for reports of "toxicity" in game or "intentionally feeding" etc. A website I grew up using for competitive gaming uses a similar system called the CMRS ( Community Match Resolution System). Offer an incentive for people to review cases (In game reports) to decide whether or not a suspension or ban is justified/necessary. I had an account get suspended for asking people to report a trolling player in promos to Platinum and got suspended for it. Clearly in the chat and in the game replay you can see the player intentionally walking into enemy turrets throwing the game because our jungler didnt gank his lane. Then proceeded to flame and harass our whole team. According to the "Summoners Code" you cant ask to have other players report someone that threw a game, intentionally fed or trolled which I think is absolute bull. But due to my ticket response to an employee I was told to take my opinion to the boards. I think they need a report review feature thats reviewed by players themselves because we as players see more of the BS so to speak that happens in all tiers. Offer an incentive to players who review and decide on reports like "100 reports reviewed=mystery skin box" or something of that nature. Then require the reviewer to look over games chat and portions of game clip.
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