I haven't logged in in about four years...I went to log in today to find my account Perma-Banned...

Welp, I'm pretty confused. I haven't logged into League in about four years. I spent a good few paychecks on the game back in 2013/2014. I was obsessed and loved the game. A lot of doors opened for me in life and I passed through. I'm pretty happy with my life now, happier than I was back then. Tonight I saw some friends in a discord were playing. They'd all activated their old accounts and were playing for fun. I decided to join them, reinstalled, and quickly found out my account had been permanently suspended. I'd never gotten an email from Riot...I hadn't even logged in for four years...the last time I logged on (years ago) was to buy skins. I played exclusively with friends and we'd talk through TeamSpeak or Skype, so there was no in game chat from me... I'm really..REALLY confused by this. Is it possible I could get an explanation? The only possibilities I can think of are my account was compromised (I used an almost 6 year old password and username) or my account was deleted due to inactivity.
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