banned , no swear, deserved?

Game 1 Pre-Game LifeIsAJungle: ready for some jungle kingdom? LifeIsAJungle: are galio akali irelia aatrox mord still OP after this patch LifeIsAJungle: didnt read them LifeIsAJungle: k LifeIsAJungle: sweet LifeIsAJungle: :D LifeIsAJungle: oh camille too LifeIsAJungle: ya LifeIsAJungle: Irelia players think theyre good LifeIsAJungle: because her kit has dashes LifeIsAJungle: god their team is tryhard LifeIsAJungle: thought this was preseason In-Game LifeIsAJungle: gl LifeIsAJungle: braim invade LifeIsAJungle: care. LifeIsAJungle: ty LifeIsAJungle: camille bot LifeIsAJungle: better jungle wins i guess LifeIsAJungle: 3 solo losing lanes LifeIsAJungle: no crabs LifeIsAJungle: i can see LifeIsAJungle: 3 solo losing lnaes LifeIsAJungle: jgle kingdom LifeIsAJungle: cause ur lnaer LifeIsAJungle: is sat in bush LifeIsAJungle: after killing u LifeIsAJungle: 2 times LifeIsAJungle: solo LifeIsAJungle: muted LifeIsAJungle: bait LifeIsAJungle: bro LifeIsAJungle: ?? LifeIsAJungle: bait LifeIsAJungle: bait LifeIsAJungle: bait LifeIsAJungle: bait LifeIsAJungle: bait LifeIsAJungle: dont type LifeIsAJungle: ur muted LifeIsAJungle: jgle kingdom LifeIsAJungle: 2 solo losing lnaes LifeIsAJungle: no crabs LifeIsAJungle: no win LifeIsAJungle: gg LifeIsAJungle: you die too much LifeIsAJungle: 8 mins to go LifeIsAJungle: solo losing lanes LifeIsAJungle: are gg LifeIsAJungle: :D LifeIsAJungle: camille top LifeIsAJungle: mid inc LifeIsAJungle: cool LifeIsAJungle: good solo lanes LifeIsAJungle: good bot LifeIsAJungle: jgle kingdom LifeIsAJungle: bot top solo lose and mid gets cheese ganked by most obvious cam gank LifeIsAJungle: rofl sion LifeIsAJungle: no wonder LifeIsAJungle: u died LifeIsAJungle: 4 times sol0 LifeIsAJungle: bot u can troll me if you like LifeIsAJungle: you lost lane LifeIsAJungle: hard LifeIsAJungle: caqnt change that can you. LifeIsAJungle: mad LifeIsAJungle: LO LifeIsAJungle: stay with me LifeIsAJungle: we 2v4 LifeIsAJungle: cait LifeIsAJungle: come LifeIsAJungle: witbn me LifeIsAJungle: ty LifeIsAJungle: better jgle wins i think LifeIsAJungle: not sure LifeIsAJungle: rep cait, she was following me around LifeIsAJungle: taking jgle LifeIsAJungle: flame also LifeIsAJungle: gg x9 cait Post-Game LifeIsAJungle: rep cait LifeIsAJungle: following me through jgle LifeIsAJungle: mad kid LifeIsAJungle: what i say LifeIsAJungle: tell me LifeIsAJungle: ? Game 2 Pre-Game LifeIsAJungle: ok so LifeIsAJungle: are we blue side LifeIsAJungle: huh In-Game LifeIsAJungle: ty LifeIsAJungle: sure? LifeIsAJungle: its fine LifeIsAJungle: rlly dude LifeIsAJungle: btuh LifeIsAJungle: chill.. LifeIsAJungle: bot care LifeIsAJungle: reksai LifeIsAJungle: SS LifeIsAJungle: no words LifeIsAJungle: idk zed LifeIsAJungle: you take my kill on reksai LifeIsAJungle: actually messed me up[ LifeIsAJungle: so hard LifeIsAJungle: sometimes greed=/=good LifeIsAJungle: drake LifeIsAJungle: zed LifeIsAJungle: check it LifeIsAJungle: wake up LifeIsAJungle: for once LifeIsAJungle: ? LifeIsAJungle: wake LifeIsAJungle: up LifeIsAJungle: zed LifeIsAJungle: its not jsut LifeIsAJungle: mid LifeIsAJungle: look LifeIsAJungle: at map LifeIsAJungle: jesus christ LifeIsAJungle: better jungle wins i guess LifeIsAJungle: 1 min left LifeIsAJungle: can we get LifeIsAJungle: any wards LifeIsAJungle: any where LifeIsAJungle: leona LifeIsAJungle: look at map LifeIsAJungle: wards LifeIsAJungle: where LifeIsAJungle: zed LifeIsAJungle: herald LifeIsAJungle: i beg LifeIsAJungle: please LifeIsAJungle: open eyes LifeIsAJungle: for once LifeIsAJungle: you take the kill from me LifeIsAJungle: and are the most fed LifeIsAJungle: on team LifeIsAJungle: and youre offering nothing LifeIsAJungle: as they snowball LifeIsAJungle: wake up LifeIsAJungle: maybe LifeIsAJungle: ur just bad LifeIsAJungle: tbh LifeIsAJungle: vote ye LifeIsAJungle: its done LifeIsAJungle: our mid LifeIsAJungle: is an afk player LifeIsAJungle: takes my kill LifeIsAJungle: and does nothin LifeIsAJungle: sad LifeIsAJungle: dont take resources LifeIsAJungle: if you arent good LifeIsAJungle: pretty simple concept LifeIsAJungle: maybe too hard LifeIsAJungle: for yuou to understand LifeIsAJungle: zed LifeIsAJungle: why merc treads LifeIsAJungle: tho LifeIsAJungle: cant see past laning hpase LifeIsAJungle: phase LifeIsAJungle: can you? LifeIsAJungle: go next LifeIsAJungle: our mid LifeIsAJungle: is a kda player LifeIsAJungle: with no brain LifeIsAJungle: zed LifeIsAJungle: no words LifeIsAJungle: playing for kfa LifeIsAJungle: kda LifeIsAJungle: sad LifeIsAJungle: hardstuck LifeIsAJungle: for ever LifeIsAJungle: leona? LifeIsAJungle: walk into baron with monitor off? LifeIsAJungle: ? LifeIsAJungle: no words for top LifeIsAJungle: no words LifeIsAJungle: for this game LifeIsAJungle: hahah LifeIsAJungle: 1/4 LifeIsAJungle: zed LifeIsAJungle: flash for support LifeIsAJungle: wp LifeIsAJungle: really a key target LifeIsAJungle: clueless mid laner LifeIsAJungle: ult janna LifeIsAJungle: some more LifeIsAJungle: because janna is the 1v5 carry LifeIsAJungle: totally Post-Game LifeIsAJungle: idk zed, you take my kill early then stay mid getting pushed under LifeIsAJungle: pretty braindead player LifeIsAJungle: imo LifeIsAJungle: well it was LifeIsAJungle: he was the strongest player on the team LifeIsAJungle: and didnt do anything Game 3 In-Game LifeIsAJungle: wouldnt have killed LifeIsAJungle: ^ LifeIsAJungle: ty yas LifeIsAJungle: ty LifeIsAJungle: well damn LifeIsAJungle: nice one LifeIsAJungle: zac prob top LifeIsAJungle: yw LifeIsAJungle: damn LifeIsAJungle: let it LifeIsAJungle: omw top LifeIsAJungle: idki LifeIsAJungle: games done LifeIsAJungle: bot lane too terribvle LifeIsAJungle: shame LifeIsAJungle: go next LifeIsAJungle: who votes no? XD LifeIsAJungle: done LifeIsAJungle: game LifeIsAJungle: look at you LifeIsAJungle: 0/5 LifeIsAJungle: how Lol LifeIsAJungle: 5 cspm LifeIsAJungle: go next ty LifeIsAJungle: ggwp LifeIsAJungle: idk how i can get losing bots LifeIsAJungle: every time today LifeIsAJungle: shame. LifeIsAJungle: kill lucian LifeIsAJungle: not as much as lucian LifeIsAJungle: lucian on me LifeIsAJungle: you lose 4v4 LifeIsAJungle: shame LifeIsAJungle: vote yes LifeIsAJungle: im dine LifeIsAJungle: inting bot LifeIsAJungle: losing top LifeIsAJungle: even after i make plays LifeIsAJungle: jungle kingdomn LifeIsAJungle: babyt LifeIsAJungle: gg LifeIsAJungle: i lose too many games LifeIsAJungle: from players like yasuo LifeIsAJungle: double jaurams fist LifeIsAJungle: wp LifeIsAJungle: troll build LifeIsAJungle: troll player LifeIsAJungle: look at him. LifeIsAJungle: sad LifeIsAJungle: ban him LifeIsAJungle: how do you take ingite jayce LifeIsAJungle: and still lsoie LifeIsAJungle: 0/3 by 15 mins LifeIsAJungle: so what? LifeIsAJungle: he takes ignite LifeIsAJungle: and ints the lane LifeIsAJungle: rep yas LifeIsAJungle: look build and play LifeIsAJungle: int LifeIsAJungle: look his build LifeIsAJungle: Lol LifeIsAJungle: thats tyroll LifeIsAJungle: and he ran it down mid LifeIsAJungle: b4 LifeIsAJungle: Lol LifeIsAJungle: x9 yas gg Post-Game LifeIsAJungle: report yas LifeIsAJungle: trolling LifeIsAJungle: ? LifeIsAJungle: you didnt just have bad game LifeIsAJungle: you troll build LifeIsAJungle: and ran down mid LifeIsAJungle: my IQ? lol LifeIsAJungle: way higher than yours bud LifeIsAJungle: dont even go there LifeIsAJungle: LOL
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