How did this get me chat restricted for 10 games?

I have a really clean record and I was honor level 4 checkpoint 2. I normally keep quiet in chat other than strats. For context this game I was jungling with a duo riven and nasus. My team was having some champ select doubts bc the nasus was mid and riven was top (they switched in game). They both went on to die at least twice each before I had much time to help them. I decided to focus bot to try and win and got hard flamed by the riven constantly for not helping her (0/4 by this point). I didnt say anything through all of this and wasnt going to until the game was basically over Both of them were about 0/6 when I decided to say something to their constant flaming. Game 1 Pre-Game Wildfirre: what does he mean? Wildfirre: ay at least you got a decent matchup Wildfirre: i think this might work out In-Game Wildfirre: First off buddy Wildfirre: youre the worst mechanical player ive ever seen Wildfirre: so you shouldnt even be touching riven Wildfirre: second off Wildfirre: you were 3 0 before i looked at your lane Wildfirre: so hell no im not helping shit Wildfirre: and your friend is trash too Wildfirre: so im gonna help the ppl with brains Wildfirre: yes you and youre friend Wildfirre: ? Wildfirre: hard throw Wildfirre: the next gen inting strat Wildfirre: duo int Wildfirre: so you lose more Wildfirre: 1 word Wildfirre: scoreboard Wildfirre: lol my team play is fine Wildfirre: bc ive bveen bot Wildfirre: with the only team i got Wildfirre: report the duo inters pls Wildfirre: flame hard int hard Wildfirre: right.... Wildfirre: idk man Wildfirre: they duo int the champ select die first blood and keep trying to fight you then blame me for no ganks? Wildfirre: sounds pretty bad to me Wildfirre: just check them both Wildfirre: not when everyone denies Wildfirre: dont you think im fucking trying Wildfirre: you and your dup buddy Post-Game Wildfirre: pls report Wildfirre: i get all the way to promos without these 2 Wildfirre: and boom! Wildfirre: tried to throw Wildfirre: ahem Sorry for long post I just dont think this is justified enough to restrict me when i have had a completely clean track record, and over ONLY this SINGLE game. I can only see one MAYBE 2 lines that are questionable.
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