ok. I played ranked games. and I got a renketon top and he afk at 3 minutes..... nothing I can do and I have to lose 17 lp while having to wait 15 minutes to ff................ After that game I got a master yi top with a pantheon adc that does so bad and we had a afk Zoe mid at 3 minutes even tho we were winning. I don't understand the logic..... Yesterday while I was playing ranked I have a shaco jg that went 1/7 and purely intentionally feeds in my team.....and right after we got another shit jg that have no idea how to play the jg....... Am I having back luck or the ranked system is so bad that putting super bad player in my team when I lost one game????????????????/ I want my lp and my time back thank you!! it is stupid I tried hard and being trolled and have to start over again a.nd again bc these player behaviors are so shit
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