"inting" has become a slang term at this point rather than a definitional word.

Back when I first started playing, around mid season 3, you could report people for unskilled play. Thankfully they removed that, as being told your being reported when your honestly trying your best to play feels awful emotionally. Around season 5, I had a lot of bad games, and I mean ALOT, I was just learning to jungle at that point. But there were only a select few cases where people claimed I was inting and said to report me for it when I was just having a bad game. Idk if its because of balance decline, but I sware since season 6, "inting" gets thrown around constantly. Everybody has bad games. Hell, most of the time when I have AWFUL games its in the middle of a losing streak. But I sware, nowadays when I am having a bad game and am trying my best but for the life of me I fail to be useful, people seem **convinced** that I am intentionaly feeding, and say to report me in all chat. Guys, seriously. Inting means intentionally feeding. That is a black and white statement, no gray about it. Even if I end up 0/8/2, which tends to happen when I am on a really bad streak, I am not inting. I am honestly trying my best. That is not reportable. If people could be reported and banned for having bad games, majority of bronze elo would be banned constantly. Speaking of elo, I never play ranked ever. I have low self-esteem, so the thought of losing having a cost to it is too much for me. So ever since I started playing, I have only played norms 100% of the time. There is nothing lost when you lose. In normals, all you are doing is playing a video game. Thats it. There is no reason to get so pissed off and claim I am "inting" because I didn't end up playing too well. If the thing they are upset about is wasted time, then think of it this way. League is just a game where things can go REALLY well or REALLY badly, and can greatly alter your mood. If you are short on free time, maybe, just maybe, playing league, and risking feeling like you wasted what little time you have, is not a risk worth taking. When you log on to league, you go into it knowing there is a chance a game can go poorly and your mood will be soured as a result. If you want a more surefire way to make sure your free time is spent being happy play a different game. The way I see it, league is best played in long sessions on days with a lot of time, such as a day off. That way if I have a bad game, I can play something else to de-tilt then come back later that day when I have calmed down. On days where I have homework or work at my job, there just isn't enough time to de tilt and go back to league if a game goes poorly. If I log into league on a day where I am short on time, I am willingly taking a risk for my time and how it is used. Even if you aren't short on free time, if your playing a normal game, in a video game, which means nothing in life, there really _isn't any reason to get angry_ When I was little I would cry whenever I lost in a game, and my dad would scream at me saying its just a game so shut the hell up. Looking back, he had a point. If you get angry or sad over a video game, _talk to somebody about it,_ because getting angry over a videogame is childish. Getting frustrated is fine, its only human nature after all. But getting so angry over a dang videogame that you claim they are intentionally playing badly, when 90% of the time they are legitimatly trying their best, that is just not okay. "inting" is a phrase thrown out so much nowadays its as if people can't tell the difference anymore. To give an example, I was playing a game earlier where I was playing {{champion:21}} . Keep in mind I am not an adc player, I am more used to juggernauts, melee autoattackers, or aoe mages. I had a really poor early game, like, really bad. By the time they ended at 25 I was 2/10/2 or something like that. As someone inexperienced in adc, I am not fully aware how to play when behind. In this game I was behind as hell, and I was really hesitent to autoattack anybody, as I knew that going into 550 range of them to land autos puts me in danger of death, and they had a {{champion:131}} on their team, so I could hardly auto at all without getting blown up. As a result, I played super cautiously, trying not to get into range of their abilities, even though that meant I couldnt auto them. To my team, it looks like I am just sitting there watching, but I would rather find a clear moment to act than to risk fighting, dying right away, and accomplishing nothing. To top if off, I play on locked camera. Yes I'm not joking. Like I said before I only play norms, so expanding to unlocked camera to get better at the game is not as important to me, I just play to enjoy myself. At one point I was at a certain part of the map where none of the enemies were on my screen fully, just right at the edge of my screen. I know from experience that due to the locked camera sometimes simply walking closer to get them to appear on my screen puts me in danger so by the time they are on my screen I am already dead. As such, since I saw the enemies were at the edge of my screen and nothing more, me, wanting to play cautiously and not die, threw out an ult and left it at that, as I did not think I could contribute much more in that fight without dying, especially since I am so behind my autos do jack shit anyway. To my team, it looked like I was trolling, standing back ulting and walking away like I did, so, to clear up confusion, I explained I play on locked camera and what I did was the best course of action for me if I did not want to die. Someone on my team asked if I was kidding, and then said "because you better be", as if implying some sort of threat. I did /mute all right then and there, because it was clear these people were angry at me, and are convinced I was trolling, when in reality I wasn't. It sucked that none of them wanted to ff for some reason, we were down all 3 inhibs and we have half of their kills and my surrender votes went 1/4, so all of them voted no. A part of me wants to assume it was out of spite, as all 4 of them said no, not just some of them, however like I said I had already done /mute all, so I am not going to fully make such a drastic assumption. This is just one example, but it happens ALL THE TIME. I am simply having a bad game, and people throw out terms like "inting" or "trolling" as if its a general term for that kind of situation, completely neglecting what those terms LITERALLY mean. I never int. Never have never will. But the amount of times I have been accused of inting, or have had my team say to report me in all chat, is such a staggering amount its dissapointing. Its just a videogame. All these people getting so angry says to me that alot of these league players are manchildren, and refuse to grow up. Why else would they get so angry over something so miniscule in life. Inting means intentionally feeding. Nothing more. Nothing less. People fail to understand this now, and it is dissapointing. Riot has even said after the smite support nunu fiasco a lil while ago that as long as someone tries to win, they will not see it as trolling or inting. Despite this being public knowhow. People **STILL** accuse me of inting when I am having a bad game. What the fuck is wrong with people. Fucking grow up. Learn your vocabulary, and quit getting so angry over a damn video game. If this game makes you so angry at others maybe this isn't the game for you. There are plenty of other games that offer happy, satisfying experiences, on a more consistent basis. I don't int. That is all.
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