SO that happened.... Harrassment

A couple of hours ago, started up a normal draft as support and when I get into lobby, the first thing said to me by the player filled for adc is "wait ur an egirl". I just rolled my eyes because this is normal, I get it a handful of times. Sometimes I hype it up and other times I deny it with jokes, just a bit of fun. However, this time I didn't answer to this. Instead I just locked the champ I wanted to play and the player, who picked Draven, started to flame me for picking Soraka because it was apparently going to be a passive lane. (FYI you CAN play Soraka aggressively, just depends on the lane) Get into game, Draven complains, saying "god help me, my team wtf" or something like that. Anyway, about 5 to 10 minutes into the game, against teemo and ezreal lol, we died a few times. He goes on to start saying some sexist comments, like "don't worry im better than your bf" or "that's what happens when they don't listen" (something along the lines of women not listening). Then he says something I think is pretty f'ed up "I bet this Soraka has a blackeye" basically insinuating that I get beat by my boyfriend, wtf. Not only is this really messed up, my team said nothing and did nothing to stop him from his rude remarks. True, I didn't respond to his messages and tried to ignore him. If I had responded and asked him to stop, I'm pretty sure he would become even more aggressive with his messages. Anyway, I reported him and left a detailed message. I just hope that something is done, no one deserves to be talked to like that, man or woman.
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