Black Alistar, King Rammus!!!!

Hi All, **_AT LAST, PROBLEM HAS BEEN RESOLVED AND ACCOUNT HAS BEEN UNBANNED._** **_HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT SUPPORTED, COMMENTED, UP VOTED, SHARED MY STORY WHICH IS A BIG PART WHERE MY PROBLEM WAS BEING NOTICED AND BEING SOLVED IN THE END, WHICH ONLY TOOK A MONTH, 8 TICKETS, MORE THAN 7 SUPPORTS AND A CRAZY THREAD THAT GOT BOOSTED UP BY ALL OF YOU, AND ALSO I GOTTA GIVE SOME CREDITs TO THE TITLE "BLACK ALISTAR AND KING RAMMUS", I THINK WITHOUT IT I DON'T THINK I CAN ATTRACT AS MUCH AS ATTENTION AS WITH IT, YOU GUYS AGREE WITH ME ON THIS ONE RIGHT. ANYWAYS, THANK YOU ALL._** THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, COMMENTS AND UP VOTES, I AM NOT ASKING ANYONE TO BELIEVE ME. IT IS YOUR FREE WILL OF YOUR JUDGEMENT ON THIS. JUST GOT A NEW REPLY FROM THE SUPPORT AGAIN(LAST SCREENSHOT) AND AS YOU MAY GUESS, IT IS STILL THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THANKS ROIT!!!! This is going to be a bit long so be prepared, so apparently my account got permanently suspended for "sharing another player's personal information" which I have never done. My account got banned on a day where there was a login issue which I did not experience but I was normally playing and after a game finished my client crashed and was trying to log back in and a message pop up saying my account got permanently suspended and check associated email for more detail and I got nothing in my email or any notice anywhere. I have never got any warning or bans at all. My account is a closed beta account, so I have been playing since then, which contains rare skin like black alistar, king rammus, etc, and also accumulated over 90k IP because I was trying to save up to a 100k as a goal of my own. And then this happened. Here are all my tickets I have sent to roit support. Enjoy the story and let me know what you guys think about it.
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