Im the most toxic, evil and nasty player ever (with log)

What you see here is what I got, nothing has been added and nothing has been removed or changed. This was as the result of my Hecarim game , and here is the aftermath: Greetings, human! I am Blitzcrank Bot. My purpose is to provide a fast and thorough explanation of your recent ban. Players have reported you 8 times in the past 20 games for negative or abusive behaviors in chat - in human terms, this means giving up on games, griefing your fellow players, and generally being difficult to play with over a large number of matches and teammates. Here are some chat logs from games where you were heavily reported: Game 4063193080: MuteAllFromStart: help the jungler so he can help you MuteAllFromStart: yes I do, why is t hat? MuteAllFromStart: lux what is your problem? MuteAllFromStart: why you ask me so many quesitons but refuse to answer questons MuteAllFromStart: should I sit here and chat with you or play the game? MuteAllFromStart: okey lux muted and ignored MuteAllFromStart: what a fucking moron, sitting there flaming me when Im the only one playing decent MuteAllFromStart: annie? MuteAllFromStart: why ping ? MuteAllFromStart: see, now answer MuteAllFromStart: you ask me and expect me to answer MuteAllFromStart: but noone answers me MuteAllFromStart: yes, why ping? MuteAllFromStart: its hard when people are behaving moronic in my life MuteAllFromStart: no I wont MuteAllFromStart: cause YOU ARE TOXIC FLAMER MuteAllFromStart: no I cant cait MuteAllFromStart: thank your support for that MuteAllFromStart: see? MuteAllFromStart: now he is toxic [All]MuteAllFromStart: gg wp [All]MuteAllFromStart: my team is blamign MuteAllFromStart: nah Im done MuteAllFromStart: afk farming hte jkungle [All]MuteAllFromStart: yeap , and you get blamed for it [All]MuteAllFromStart: like that MuteAllFromStart: annie that is a lie MuteAllFromStart: lux blames me MuteAllFromStart: al lthe time MuteAllFromStart: yes you dom dobt kue MuteAllFromStart: dont lie MuteAllFromStart: stop talking to me MuteAllFromStart: dont talk to me MuteAllFromStart: again he blames MuteAllFromStart: and flames MuteAllFromStart: cait pleas stop MuteAllFromStart: then talk to singed and lux MuteAllFromStart: Im not the problem MuteAllFromStart: identify the problem (not me) and fix it MuteAllFromStart: so is lux and singed MuteAllFromStart: yes, they are MuteAllFromStart: now you blame me too [All]MuteAllFromStart: reportcalling not allowed [All]MuteAllFromStart: same here [All]MuteAllFromStart: its hard when all laners lose and blames jungler Post Game Lobby: MuteAllFromStart: Wow Game 4053784962: Pre Game Lobby: MuteAllFromStart: I dont want to play this crap MuteAllFromStart: YES! MuteAllFromStart: thanks <3 MuteAllFromStart: Pick nasus and we let you stack <- In Game: MuteAllFromStart: let me stack please <3 I build tank MuteAllFromStart: I said please and a heart MuteAllFromStart: please let me stack MuteAllFromStart: please let me stack MuteAllFromStart: never MuteAllFromStart: you need me to win, so let me stack! MuteAllFromStart: stop it! MuteAllFromStart: taliyah stop taking my stacks please MuteAllFromStart: dude stop taking my stacks MuteAllFromStart: its not your farm MuteAllFromStart: its teams farm. MuteAllFromStart: quit being selfish MuteAllFromStart: taliyah stop being selfish, <- Be more cooperative [All]MuteAllFromStart: ??? [All]MuteAllFromStart: what option is that? [All]MuteAllFromStart: they say that I troll... [All]MuteAllFromStart: then they start to spam pign me MuteAllFromStart: muted pings MuteAllFromStart: noone said that MuteAllFromStart: are you duo? [All]MuteAllFromStart: why is my team telling me to stfu and why are they nasty to me? [All]MuteAllFromStart: Crying? huh? [All]MuteAllFromStart: yeah I know [All]MuteAllFromStart: its really sad that lol-players today are so selfish they wont cooperate <- [All]MuteAllFromStart: Like, why wouldnt you support your tank? [All]MuteAllFromStart: its so strange the way they act, and then complain about the number of cs. [All]MuteAllFromStart: what does that have to do with anything? [All]MuteAllFromStart: like, what is going on? [All]MuteAllFromStart: why are they acting like this towards me? [All]MuteAllFromStart: like what is this strange behavior? I dont get it, did they learn this from their father? [All]MuteAllFromStart: I dont get it why someone would have this kind of attitude towards a teammate [All]MuteAllFromStart: its like, 0 sportsmanship [All]MuteAllFromStart: Who treats their teammates like this? [All]MuteAllFromStart: yeah is freaking sad... its like they are 4 together trying to bully me <- Why? [All]MuteAllFromStart: There it is again... why is another player telling you what someone else is doing? [All]MuteAllFromStart: what purpose does that serve? [All]MuteAllFromStart: and now... reportcalling <- breaking the rules... why? [All]MuteAllFromStart: Is it worth breaking the rules just to harass someone? [All]MuteAllFromStart: you should report abusive players who target others for no reason other then trying to hurt them [All]MuteAllFromStart: noone like toxic behavior [All]MuteAllFromStart: again with the reportcalling, its still not allowed [All]MuteAllFromStart: I dont get why its so hard to be a team-player for 20 min [All]MuteAllFromStart: like, how is an individual like that handling school? A class it at least 40 min? [All]MuteAllFromStart: It wont help... they add me after the game just to harass me some more [All]MuteAllFromStart: its like, people are too much cowards to bully someone irl so they bully on the itnernet [All]MuteAllFromStart: like why is this player talking to me like this? It makes no sense MuteAllFromStart: wp [All]MuteAllFromStart: wp Post Game Lobby: MuteAllFromStart: I reported all of them MuteAllFromStart: they were all very roxic towards me for no good reason MuteAllFromStart: I played my best and did play a tank for hte team Game 4056836423: Pre Game Lobby: MuteAllFromStart: Please not yuumi MuteAllFromStart: she is so damn bad MuteAllFromStart: Yes I am, but no she is bad In Game: MuteAllFromStart: what is the plan? MuteAllFromStart: they have 3 pokers, so do we, maybe we should try to poke them? MuteAllFromStart: pyke... varus and MF are never with you MuteAllFromStart: ? MuteAllFromStart: wp kennen? [All]MuteAllFromStart: wp kennen, anyone? [All]MuteAllFromStart: ffs, I make this LCD play and peopel dont even see it [All]MuteAllFromStart: ahh, lux kda player I see MuteAllFromStart: 2-3 kda player... lol [All]MuteAllFromStart: 2-3 kda player lol [All]MuteAllFromStart: 2-4 kda player ,ol! [All]MuteAllFromStart: lol why? MuteAllFromStart: yeah yuumi pretty bad champ [All]MuteAllFromStart: dat flash though [All]MuteAllFromStart: 4-5 for the kda player [All]MuteAllFromStart: what is noob? [All]MuteAllFromStart: huh? [All]MuteAllFromStart: I sure do. [All]MuteAllFromStart: And people dont answer questions evne though they are humans [All]MuteAllFromStart: what is noob? MuteAllFromStart: team is like farming... MuteAllFromStart: okey, so what is a good engage? MuteAllFromStart: maybe its not me, maybe its you? MuteAllFromStart: you know, bad positioning? MuteAllFromStart: I cant read minds [All]MuteAllFromStart: wp kennen? [All]MuteAllFromStart: what is taht? MuteAllFromStart: mf, lol.. I have been playing moba for 12+ years. MuteAllFromStart: you are eating and breathing very well Mf MuteAllFromStart: the way you intake water is superb MuteAllFromStart: its aram and what do you mean like that? MuteAllFromStart: did I ask for your opinioln? MuteAllFromStart: what kind of joke? MuteAllFromStart: Im winning you the game "playing like this" [All]MuteAllFromStart: so that is why you dead? [All]MuteAllFromStart: im pretty mobile [All]MuteAllFromStart: 6-9 kda player [All]MuteAllFromStart: salty MuteAllFromStart: me again? Post Game Lobby: MuteAllFromStart: I was correct MuteAllFromStart: allways correct I know these can be subjective concepts. I myself was once banned for calling my teammates “weak, fleshy underlings.” Even though I meant well, enough of them reported me for it that I re-programmed my communication style. By acting diplomatic and calm, I’m now able to bend them to my will without succumbing to the forbidden dance of verbal abuse. Sometimes it’s best to ignore the mewlings of your teammates and only focus on what you can control. If teammates anger you, try saying so out loud to yourself, not in chat where they can report you. After an annoying game, find a satisfying way to blow off steam. I’m told humans find catharsis in music, so try listening to Mozart or the dulcet sounds of “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR.” I hope I have been useful to you. Although my heart is cold and mechanical, I feel we now have a deep connection and bond. There isn’t much more information a human specialist could provide, but if you want any further questions answered, you may select the option below.
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