"You suck" is punishable

Since when saying "you suck" is punishable with chat restriction, at first glance? It was only one game. One game. I didnt say any bad words. The other players called us pu**ies, and other bad things and nothing happened to him. Is this what RIOT employes do when they get angry at players? Now i don't get any rewards from ranked, because of one game. CHAT: Game 1 Pre-Game Kànnon: mid In-Game Kànnon: he was Kànnon: on Kànnon: 10hp Kànnon: ffs Kànnon: shyvanna Kànnon: what were u thinking about Kànnon: when u pushed my lane? Kànnon: better this way Kànnon: u said u mute me Kànnon: Diamond 5 players Kànnon: flaming a gold Kànnon: very smart Kànnon: you are playing Kànnon: a very mobile Kànnon: adc Kànnon: On mid Kànnon: against melee AP Kànnon: whatever Kànnon: it's a normal game Kànnon: and it was MY waste Kànnon: so why do you care? Kànnon: and you look childish Kànnon: k Kànnon: u mad Kànnon: Cause u lose Kànnon: Against silvers and golds? Kànnon: nice diamond Kànnon: he's plat like you Kànnon: we can see who's the boosted one Kànnon: XD Kànnon: ,b Kànnon: mb Kànnon: sorry Kànnon: i had no cooldowns Kànnon: Sucking Kànnon: diamond Kànnon: draven Kànnon: dont talk Kànnon: u were not in this game Kànnon: at all Kànnon: u suck bg hand Kànnon: big Kànnon: your diamond Kànnon: has 20 more cs Kànnon: than me Kànnon: DIAMOND Kànnon: RANGED AGAINST MELEE Kànnon: u suck Kànnon: u suck Kànnon: u suck Kànnon: u suck Kànnon: u suck Kànnon: Suckers Kànnon: ez game Kànnon: L2p Kànnon: boosted Kànnon: Dia Post-Game Kànnon: gg shyvana Kànnon: give me your number Kànnon: i can call you anytime Kànnon: 21k damage Kànnon: showing me tricks Kànnon: no ty Kànnon: :))))) Kànnon: Learn to play
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