THESE ARE MY CHAT LOGS WHY THE FRICK DID I GET BANNED WTF RIOT SO UNFAIR I HATE YOU Game 1 In-Game MasterSwordOP: apparently i said the %%%%%% word MasterSwordOP: kys MasterSwordOP: IM THE KKK RUN MasterSwordOP: ## MasterSwordOP: dont speak autism sorry MasterSwordOP: shut up ginger whore MasterSwordOP: ur da MasterSwordOP: no crit voli MasterSwordOP: ez MasterSwordOP: ? MasterSwordOP: report udyr? MasterSwordOP: ? MasterSwordOP: and udyr of course MasterSwordOP: because she has a trash jungke MasterSwordOP: get iced MasterSwordOP: dummy MasterSwordOP: ? MasterSwordOP: gg easy Post-Game MasterSwordOP: report zoe MasterSwordOP: bad MasterSwordOP: im not black MasterSwordOP: cant be racist Game 2 Pre-Game MasterSwordOP: do you want to end judaism MasterSwordOP: we dont need atp where we are going In-Game MasterSwordOP: judaism is the cancer upon society MasterSwordOP: nais bro MasterSwordOP: shut up nunu MasterSwordOP: are you an ekko main MasterSwordOP: because if you are pls stop MasterSwordOP: are you a cambridge uni %%%%%? MasterSwordOP: dw im black i can say %%%%%% MasterSwordOP: bro MasterSwordOP: oops MasterSwordOP: how do you lost to trynda as jax MasterSwordOP: rekt MasterSwordOP: you are down 60 cs MasterSwordOP: 50 MasterSwordOP: go for sivir MasterSwordOP: lucian is your right click broken? MasterSwordOP: u can stop now MasterSwordOP: you should int irl MasterSwordOP: trash top laner MasterSwordOP: chill and drink bleach MasterSwordOP: this games lost MasterSwordOP: trash top MasterSwordOP: and zil MasterSwordOP: my girlfriends too young for hair MasterSwordOP: trynd can end MasterSwordOP: you are all playing checkers MasterSwordOP: zileans been playing chess for years MasterSwordOP: get iced MasterSwordOP: dummy MasterSwordOP: zil near his 20 death power spike MasterSwordOP: honor zil Post-Game MasterSwordOP: better mid lose Game 3 Pre-Game MasterSwordOP: just a friendly reminder that hitler did nothing wrong MasterSwordOP: murrrrrrrrr MasterSwordOP: my teacher caught me watching holocaust videos at school MasterSwordOP: cant a man masturbate in peace MasterSwordOP: twitch touches children tbf In-Game MasterSwordOP: this rengar loves bumming 14 year olds MasterSwordOP: cus ur shit mate MasterSwordOP: git gud MasterSwordOP: what MasterSwordOP: you took my wife MasterSwordOP: jk nonce MasterSwordOP: dont ask for a solo lane if u cant handle babe MasterSwordOP: ur mums a virging MasterSwordOP: no ss top? MasterSwordOP: ur mum MasterSwordOP: im british and prous u %%%% MasterSwordOP: fuck off nonce MasterSwordOP: trash MasterSwordOP: get iced MasterSwordOP: dummy MasterSwordOP: wp tf MasterSwordOP: better jung win MasterSwordOP: get shat on MasterSwordOP: you losing to ap shyv MasterSwordOP: already have it MasterSwordOP: lol MasterSwordOP: trash enemy tbbf
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