My account got permanently banned for using a mouse

Yesterday I got this email "Hello Summoner, Your account: isofruity was banned due to the use of malicious 3rd party programs or modifications to your League of Legends client. We believe that all players should play on equal footing in an effort to promote competitive sportsmanship. You should be aware that modifying your League of Legends client is against the Terms of Use: We hope you can see that it is unsatisfying to play against other players who are using a tool to gain an advantage over others. If you wish to dispute the actions taken against your account, you may contact us via this link: " I new there was something wrong as I have never used 3rd party scripts or bots on this account so I assumed league detected my "Razer Naga" mouse and thought it was a 3rd party script or hack and banned my account, so I sent them a ticket "UR CHEEKS R MINE Yesterday at 19:26 After reading the email, I assumed the reason for my ban was for the use of a mouse I purchased called the "Razer naga" which has a keybinding feature which I use to bind my Q with CTRL + 6 in order to use my level 6 icon when I press Q, which gives me no advantage. I hope that you can lift the suspension as I am not using any scripts or anything that would give me an "Unfair advantage". If however the mouse keybinding is a problem, I will remove it if given the chance, thank you for reading my side, I love league of legends and I hope to continue to play." And then I got this reply, not lifting my permanent ban, but telling me that Im still doing something wrong even though I have NEVER used any hacks or scripts on league "Hello UR, Your account has been permanently suspended following the use of scripts, hacks, exploits or unauthorized third-party programs in League of Legends. Accounts that are caught using hacks to gain an unfair competitive advantage are subject to permanent suspension. We work hard to preserve a fair and competitive environment in League of Legends. Regardless of intent, use of unauthorized third-party programs is explicitly against the Terms of Use, which can be found here: NA: EUW: EUNE: OCE: Keep in mind that account sharing of any kind is also against the Terms of Use. You are responsible for all activity on your account, so be sure to keep your account information to yourself. We won't be able to go into the specifics of an account's exploit abuse, as divulging this information could compromise future investigations. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Spine Splitter Player Support Specialist Noxus Butcher" So I come to the boards, not because I want my account back, but because I need to know if the use of this mouse is against the rules, and why it is, after all I spent about 100$ bucks on the mouse, and I love using the buttons on the side, but if I have to sell it to play league again I will. My account name is UR CHEEKS R MINE, look at my match history and you can see I haven't been using scripts.
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