Permanent-Ban for one game

Before I start,I dont want any compassion or sympathy.I just hope to play this game again. Since the support acts how he likes I decided to ask the forum. I played league for more than 7years and alot of money and time in it. The only punishment I ever got was for being >afk< (Internetproblems, real life came,etc.)but **never**, I never got a punishment for being rude or even toxic. Now you probably ask "But why was this one game different than the other games? What did you do to get banned for being toxic in one game?" I got banned this year on the third of mai, I came fresh out of the hospital, I was in it because I almost died in a car crash a day before. When I got home my friend wanted to play with me to cheer me up a bit and he knew how much I like/ed league. (note to him, he studys and can only play 1time per week, so you may know how >good< he plays). We were premade as 5.All same language and same area. When we were ingame they were heavily flaming my friend for being so horrible and stuff, than they came to me. I didnt bother for a while but then I was like "yo. I could have died yesterday, I dont let this guy talk like this to us" Yes I overdone it and Im sorry but to clarify it clearly, **I am not racsist,antisemetic or anyhting like this.** I find it unfair to get banned for talking back to a guy which is probably everygame toxic and influences the players. I did this because I was in a bad mood(look line 5) and he was rude to my friend, who has almost no time. He knew this guy and thought he would be good. In the end: Im sorry for being this one time toxic. I didnt mean to be racist,antisemetic, I did this because I **knew** he was neither coloured or jewish, I did it especially to make **HIM** mad. --> I dont know if its allowed to post my chat here since it was very rude, I post it ASAP as its clear that its ok.
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