TLDR: People are resorting to reports whenever something they don't like happens, even if the report was unwarranted. Alright. Long story short here. I'm currently chat restricted (I was toxic and deserved it, even though one of them was a 4 stack report in which I called out a Nas for feeding a blitz top...) Anyways not the point of this post. Since I'm chat restricted I can't chat as much. What was interesting to me was when I asked for a gank from our jungle he very reluctantly accepted. I was being camped and I wanted a little help right? Well I got it and we got the kill. I said something like "Thanks, that's why jungles gank." Sure it was a little backhanded. He was being toxic already but I didn't say anything more on this. Anyways after the game ended (We won) the Ivern said in post game chat I was extremely toxic all game and told the enemy team to report me. I can be toxic, but I was not in this game. I found this funny because I chatted maybe 7 times throughout the whole game since I was chat restricted. I'm also one of those people who uses multiple different messages to say one thing. I had maybe 4 complete thoughts throughout the whole game. I get there will be people like this in league and I'm fine with that. This was only brought to my attention when I was playing URF. I did awful. I was trying Yas in urf (I dont play yas anymore.) I was against fizz who was unbeknownst to me a counter. I did bad and a pyke started flaming me. I said sorry and asked for help. He refused and just said I was bad. Same sort of thing (we lost this time though.) Post game chat pyke said to report me for feeding and toxicity. I chatted maybe 5 times? For the toxicity part I had teammates back me up, and the feeding part the enemy Fizz said that he was a counter and I wasn't feeding. It's just starting to be a problem that whenever someone hears something they don't like that their first reaction is "REPORT!" I could hardly be toxic since I was already chat restricted. I truly wasn't toxic and I get how the fact that I was chat restricted may discount that credibility, but I wasn't. I deserved the chat restriction I have right now, but I think it shows that it takes very little for someone to cry out "REPORT!" I know this is probably gonna get downvotes but whatever. It's something that needs to be said. Reporting is a tool and not some threat you make when someone does something you don't like. Sorry for this absolute wall of text but if you made it this far thanks, and tell me what you think. I know I have unpopular opinions but I want to hear what people have to say.
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