An Inspirational Story

I, a Bronze III player, just got out of the most uplifting game I think I've ever played. In champ select, literally _every single role was swapped_. Not one person played their assigned role, and everyone was perfectly happy with it. The role swaps went as easily as possible. Keep in mind this is Bronze, the most toxic elo, and I've never been a part of a team where everyone swaps their roles. It got even better in game. We didn't have the best start, but everyone was kind and very perceptive of what was going on. Lots of communication and teamwork pulled us back into it. Our support, Bard, decided to forego the traditional support build, instead building Lich Bane, Statikk Shiv, and RFC. Not one player got mad at him, not a single person flamed, and he genuinely added a lot to the team. Unfortunately, we ended up losing. However, at the end, our toplaner said that he apologized for throwing the final fight, and everyone jumped in and said it was okay, it wasn't only his fault, and were just very pleasant all-around. Never have I been a part of a team like this. There are still many great people out there playing this game. Yea the community in general is toxic, but games like this one are what keeps me coming back.
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